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Would you spend £35 to make £3500?

by | 25/09/2017 | Doing Business

Do you want to grow your Kids Bee Happy business so that it makes more money for your family?  Do you want to know what you you need to do to get your Kids Bee Happy business to £30k a year?

Find out this and more at conference.  We’ll tell you the three stages to your business.  Chances are that you have already done step 1 – so do you want to find out what the other two steps are?  What’s stopping you?

If you are serious about growing your Kids Bee Happy business, taking it from a “squeezed inbetween other things” micro business to a “This is What I Do” full time business, then you will find out how at our conference in Leicester on Saturday 7th October.  So spend £35 on a ticket, give us 1 day of your time, and add £3500 or more onto your income!

Buy your ticket now:  CLICK HERE