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Women in Business

by | 30/05/2018 | Balancing Family and Business, Leadership, Women in Business

You probably know that when I’m not busy with Kids Bee Happy, I am an ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES for short).  WES is an organisation that promotes, enables and facilitates increasing the number of women owning and running a business.  WES is a world class organisation, working with Westminster and the Welsh Assembly, as well as the Scottish Government, and feeding directly into the EU committees, even the G20.

During June, as part of WES and as a Scottish Award winner, I had the delight to attend the FSB Chairman’s Dinner in Westminster, and in June I will be contributing to a Scottish Government panel on postage, parcels and delivery costs and problems for rural areas.

Kids Bee Happy’s Scottish Leader, Caroline Thompson will be attending the ASB’s Unstoppable Women conference in Perth next week as our official representative, and myself and one of the leaders will be at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in Manchester on the 20th June.

What we want to show you is that wherever you are, your Kids Bee Happy business really is part of something bigger.  And that when you tell us about issues or problems that you have running a business, be that juggling with Childcare or higher delivery costs to Ireland or the Islands, that you know that we’re not just giving you a canned answer, it really is something that we care about and will work hard to change, whether that be something we can change in our organisation, or something that we need to go and lobby an MP for.