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What Questions would you have for a Teambuilding Superhero?

by | 16/08/2017 | Doing Business

Imagine that you had a Superhero in front of you – A Superhero who is the worlds best expert in Direct Sales Teambuilding.

What questions would you ask him?

  • Where do I find……?
  • What do I say …….?
  • How do I start……?
  • But what if they ask me …..?

Well, we are VERY pleased to announce that at our October Conference, we have the one and only Tom Schrieter who literally wrote (all) the books on Teambuilding, and he will able to answer all of your questions.

Tom speaks all over the world at the biggest direct sales conventions, and he’s here to help you build your Kids Bee Happy team, by giving you tips and solutions that are authentic and natural.

So, tell me……. What do you want me to ask him for you?