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What are you doing?!

Last Christmas we were inundated by requests to purchase tubes of sand separately rather than in trays, and this a topic that we discussed in detail at the Leaders Conference in January last year.  Each of the leaders brought with them the results of discussions from their individual groups about what was best, Trays with pre-selected colours, and a fixed number of tubes (7), or loose tubes available individually giving both consultants and customer the option to choose and pick the quantities they want of the colours they want.

We discussed lots of things, the time to select/pack tubes as opposed to the trays, the colour choices, and of course the right balance between the quantity and colours of sand for each of the different sizes.  As you’ll also know, because of Brexit and other economic factors, there have been some massive movements in the Exchange Rate over the past 18months, which impacts on our costs as we are a global company, and sand is one of those affected materials.    There was an overwhelming preference expressed by the leaders for individual tubes, which we decided to implement in the Summer and we would hold off the increase in cost until this changeover.

Power of the Pic n Mix

Have you ever bought Pic n Mix?  Have you ever had that thought that you know you have enough in weight, but there are a few of your favourite sweeties that you haven’t got in your bag yet, so you’ll just add couple of them, and a couple of the others…..  That’s pic and mix for you – we always overbuy, and thats why its been around for hundreds of years.

Purchases feel special when you get to choose what goes in the box.  Each new year – how many of you have a box full of Bounty celebrations that no-one wants?  How good would it be if you could just have the chocolates that you like?

And no child is the same – Only today I selected a winner for one of my consultants workshops, and the winning picture I chose was a green seal – after all, how can anyone not love a green seal with pink spots.    As you’ll know from your experience at sand art events, as adults we tend to get very boring with the colours – green grass, blue sky, yellow and black bees.  But pass it over to the children and a pink and white bagpuss instantly becomes a multicoloured tiger, multicoloured stripey bees, pink dolphins and of course green seals.

So what does this mean?  It means that although we might think we’re picking “suitable” colours for the picture packs – there are children out there who will completely disagree with our colour choice – and now they have the opportunity to rectify that – embrace that 🙂

FOMO for retail sales

The rummage box is a great retail examples of a very modern social media trend – FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  Think about the January Sales, there is nothing more compelling that a retail bin that other people are digging around in – whats in it?  Whats the bargain that they’re getting that you’re not?  You better hurry or they’ll all be gone – FOMO.

Never Enough……

Although we know that there will be enough volume of sand, there is always the option for more colour.  So if you’ve got pre made retail packs, don’t be afraid to ask customers if they like to buy an extra tube with another colour, or another tube of their favourite colour.

Combine All options for Powerful Sales Display

Don’t be afraid to have imperfect display.  Although its lovely to have lots of different colours of tubes all set out in their own different tray etc, embrace the pull of the rummage bin.  Something like a wicker basket on the table with lots of different colours of sand is very appealing, there is nothing that people like more than having a good dig around to see if they can find the one colour that other people have missed.

Personalised products are always worth more to the customer, so how great is it if you get to pick your own favourite colours of sand.  I know for sure of one particular little boy who would have had chosen ALL of his sand tubes to be green 🙂  No matter how careful and considerate we are with our colour selection it still always boils down to us choosing colours for the children, so when you have the opportunity, give the children the opportunity to pick their own tubes – even if its just the one extra.

New Guidelines for Sand Tube Quantities for  different picture sizes

1 x Oval – Minimum 3 Tubes

1 x A6 – Minimum of 4 Tubes

1 x A5 – Minimum of 5 Tubes

1 x A4 – Minimum of 6 Tubes

Can I put Sand in Little Plastic Bags? – NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!

I have to let you know that sand in little plastic bags is the biggest no that you can imagine.  Infact, as we’ve just shown, its an NONONONONONONONONO!

You see, the thing that makes Kids Bee Happy so wonderful for our customer is that it works.  It just works.  It works the way that you want it to, nothing annoying or frustrating, it just works.  And do you know what doesn’t work – little plastic bags of sand.

They do not work at all for your customers.

  • They do not work for the child because they can’t open them.
  • They do not work for the child because they can’t hold them.
  • They do not work for the child because they can’t control how the sand comes out of the bag.
  • They do not work for the child because they can’t sprinkle the sand where they want.
  • They do not work for the parents or carers, because now they hate your guts because they have sand sprinkled randomly all over their furniture and floor.

And that means simply that they do not work for you.

  • The frustrated child will not want to come back to you and buy more sand art
  • And even if they did, the frustrated parent wouldn’t let them.
  • Which means you’ve just lost a customer

It is never worth it.  Do not put sand in little plastic bags – it is officially a company no-no.  And if you still think its a good idea to use plastic bags, then why not ask this one what they think of the idea