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Toymark Award 2017 awarded to Kids Bee Happy

by | 07/11/2017 | Awards, Balancing Family and Business

Our partners, consultants and customers will be delighted to know that once again Kids Bee Happy has been awarded the Let Toys be Toys Toymark Award for 2017 for continuing to champion gender equality in childrens play.

At the moment, it seems that gender is a permanent fixture in our news and headlines, and that itself is an important benchmark for indicating how society is shifting from the old stereotypical perceptions of girls and boys, men and women, to something much more equal.  As research highlights, these stereotypes start at a very young and early age with soft dollies given to baby girls, and tractors for baby boys, so as a toy provider and leader of children’s craft workshops, Kids Bee Happy has an important role to play in making sure that all toys are open and acceptable to all children, regardless of age, ability or gender.

“Sand is such a great product” says Sandra Patterson, Director of Kids Bee Happy.   “Everyone loves playing with sand, regardless of age or gender, so it’s a perfect medium to promote gender neutral play, and we encourage all children to be creative with their choice of colours, pictures and designs.  We mix up our designs and products so that there is no such thing as a “girls section” or a “boys section” and when we make suggestions to the children of pictures that they might like, we’re always very careful to ensure that those suggestions are from a broad selection across the entire range – and that we don’t make pre-determined stereotypical recommendations based on the gender of the children.  We actively encourage parents to do the same too, which is sometimes more challenging, however we do see that changing over recent times, as campaigns highlight to people how silly it is to restrict children’s choices based on gender “.

You can find out more about Let Toys be Toys and their campaigns on their website and you can follow the campaign Facebook