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Top 10% in May Month Sales

by | 01/06/2018 | Awards, KBH News, Women in Business

Congratulations to our top 10% sales people for the month of May.  May is a wonderful month, and definitely one of the best for either starting your business or getting your business back into gear, and its great to see in this list old and new names alike.  Congratulations to all of you.

Marie Duvell
Kate Fletcher
Jools Ritchie
Hannah Hill
Katy Reed
Sarah Arnold
Heather Thorpe
Vicky Gregory
Marie-claire Stevens
Suzi Waddell
John Brennan
Jennifer Kernan
Fran Nash
Jennifer O’Hanlon
Emma Fenwick
Claire Rothwell
Amy Walton
Katie Foley
Sandra Wright
Louise Padmore
Stephanie Keeble
Lian Kingscott
Lauren Samson
Rachael Nunes
Laura Hall
Yvonne Johnson
Virginia Chapman
Nicola Wilson
Nicky O’Dea
Alexander Brind
Katie Dawes
Sarah Bartholomew
Gemma Boud
Kelly Norton-Noon
Emma Turney