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The not so “Red Carpet Glam” side of business

by | 24/07/2012 | Doing Business, Uncategorized

Friday night was our big glam Red Carpet night, check back here later in the week to read and see all.

However, last night was very definitely NOT Red Carpet Glam, and so I thought i’d just quickly blog about it to show that sometimes running a franchise is just hard and tiring work.

Last week we took delivery of our latest consignment of stock.  We were very happy with the Sand Art pictures which have come in with a fantastic quality, the factory really is working hard to meet our quality requirements.  We also took delivery of 10,000 of those wee greeny/yellow sticks that the children use to help them peel off the top sections, we ordered 10,000 of them, packaged in bags of 100.

Is that what we received, No!  We received one bloomin’ great bag with 10,000 sticks all rattling around loose in them.

So, our very exciting night last night was spent on the floor amongst 10,000 wee plastic sticks and several hundred little plastic bags, all of us busy counting up batches of 50 and stuffing into little plastic bags.  It took a while.  It was not fun.

So, there you go.  From red carpet glam, to front room carpet drudgery, the joys of owning a business.