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The Cycle of Spring

by | 06/04/2017 | Andrea Morrison, Mindset and Life Coach Skills, Uncategorized

I love this time of year, it’s like the world is awakening from its slumber, there are daffodils in my garden, some early blossom on the trees, I even saw a ladybird on my walk the other day. Spring is definitely here. I love the change from Winter to Spring, it’s such a contrast, whereas Winter is associated with the natural world around us either sleeping or dying; Spring is all about regrowth, rebirth, the natural world coming alive once more. For me at least, it is the start of a New Year, a new cycle of life.

Many areas of our life often reflect the cycle of the seasons in this way – from the Springly excitement of a new start to the Summer like enjoyment, followed by a Autumnal slowing down and then finally a dying off in Winter. The only certainty is that with every Winter there follows a Spring and a chance for a fresh new start.

In many ways when Spring approaches it is often a chance to reflect on our own lives and our direction, with the opportunity of a new start, a new beginning. However, for many comes the question what is my next step? What is it I should do? Often there may be lots of ideas, or inspirations about what our next step could be but is it really something that we should make reality or are we simply daydreaming?

It is not uncommon for a client to come to me around this time of year, expressing feeling uncertainty about the direction of their lives, how they are not sure about whether they are in the right role, or are they really fulfilling their potential or perhaps their lives could be better if they did something else? It’s as if Spring has woken them up to the possibility that life could be played differently if only they knew how, but with that comes a sense of disatisfaction as if there is something wrong with the life they currently have, there is a sense of lacking, of missing out. They come finding the answer to what they should do to find that deeper sense of fulfilment that their current life fails to give them.

Of course it isn’t for me to advise them what decision they need to make, but merely be a lighthouse to guide them away from the choppy, uncertain waters of their thinking to a place that is calmer where our thinking settles. It is only in this place that we can connect with our wisdom, aka our gut feeling, that we all have when we know whether a decision is right or wrong for us. It is only when we are in this place, this connected place, we can truly make the most of what Spring has to offer. When we are in this place we feel naturally fulfilled and happy and more importantly we know what decision we need to make; whether that be an exciting new start or enjoy our current journey invigorated with a sense of certainty so that we may enjoy the year ahead of us.


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