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Sleeve Product sizes

by | 21/08/2018 | KBH News, Products

This summer has been very exciting for us as we have re-manufactured all the Disney pictures into a the new style.  The big advantages of the new design is that not only do they have the lovely clear bold black outline so that the children can see the design and choose their pictures with ease.

But the other big advantage that we have is that the new Disney pictures have been resized, so that they are no longer that funny A4+ a bit bigger, now proper A4 size (or A5 size, or A6 size).  And this is fab, because it means that no longer do you ahve to worry about red corner sleeves for Disney, and clear sleeves for KBH, S4 or R4, etc etc etc.  It simply means that the same size sleeves fit both KBH and non KBH Pictures.

So now the sleeves products we have are as follows:

  • Product code – R4/S4 – A4 Sleeves – fits all A4 pictures – KBH and Disney
  • Product code – R5/S5  – A5 Sleeves – fits all A5 pictures – KBH and Disney
  • Product code – R6/S6 – A6 Sleeves – fits all A6 pictures – KBH and Disney