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Right, everyone, grab your phone and sit on it!

by | 29/08/2018 | Consultants Stories, Direct sales, Doing Business, KBH News, Kids Bee Happy Business Opportunities, Training, Women in Business

There are only 2 types of things that you need to grow a business:

(1) Business skills

(2) Confidence and Mindset.

Many people think that the reason their business doesn’t grow at the speed they want is because they lack business skills, but in reality, its normally confidence and mindset.

Shall I give you an example?

A consultant told us how she really wanted to expand her business into workshops, and that there were a couple of businesses that she had her eye on and was planning to talk to about doing workshops in their venues.  But, she told us, she hadn’t done it yet because she “didn’t know how to run workshops”.  She’d not done a workshop before, and said that she wasn’t sure about what to say, how to price etc etc.

Now, I knew that that wasn’t really true.  Firstly, I knew that this consultant had done dozens of events for all types of groups, places, in wet weather and good weather, all ages of kids and all types of situations.  So that told me that she had really good product knowledge, and also that she had really good natural skills at just talking to people.  I’d seen her helping people in her team with pricing queries, so I knew that she thoroughly understood pricing and costing.  I’d seen her sharing events amongst her team and tagging other consultants, and that told me that she had good organisational skills, and was aware of what other people were doing, was able to spot the potentially good opportunities from the not so good, and was automatically just helping them out.  And I also knew that she’d been on at least 2 zoom calls specifically about workshops.

So, so far, all I was getting was big ticks for the things in the “Business Skills” bucket.  So what was the real reason that she hadn’t yet started running workshops?  Because I didn’t see any big gaps in the business skills department.

And then the consultant went to Andrea’s “how to get business partners” workshop at last year’s conference.  Andrea got her to go all through the process of identifying her partner, finding out who to talk to, what was the WIIFM (What’s in it for me) for the business partner, costings & pricings etc etc.  All the “business skills” type stuff.  And as expected the consultant just whizzed through all of this (with a slight, “why is she asking me to do this, I know all this stuff” confused look).  And then came the clincher……….

Andrea asked the group to get their phones out and call their people – then, right then, not later, not tomorrow, not in a few minutes time, but to actually pick up their phones now, and make that call.

There were 12 people in the room.  A room that at the beginning of the session had perfect mobile reception, but as soon as the consultants were asked to make the call – well, lets just say all signal for all mobile networks instantly disappeared.  A few consultants phone’s suddenly ran out of battery.  Someone who was holding their phone in their hand right up infront of them loudly declared “I don’t have my phone on me!”  And pretty much every other phone in the room disappeared discreetly under legs, backsides and chairs.

And suddenly it all became clear.  The thing that was holding this group of consultants back from approaching businesses had nothing to do with their business skills.  It had to do with their confidence – I can’t make that call.  I know what to say, I know all there is to know about my products and pricing, and all the benefits.  I know that the kids will love it, and I know that it will be good for your business – but I just can’t make that call to tell you this.

And that’s what we talked about for the rest of the session – that’s what we set out to fix, and to provide the consultants with, the tools and techniques to pick up the phone and make that call, without going through hours, sometimes days or weeks of postponing and avoiding.  The skills to banish all that internal chatter that says “but what if……” or “what about…….” or even the more personal “I’m not good enough…..”, “what if they don’t like me……”  To shine a light on the fact that they really did know all this stuff, and that the only thing holding them back was believing their own made up thinking.

So go back now and re-read that paragraph about the consultant – is that you?  Do you have a business call that you want to make, but you’ve not been able to find the time to do so (probably for several weeks, maybe even several months)  We’re you planning to run a February Half Term workshop and suddenly its nearly October Half Term and you’ve not had the time to get around to it.  Do you tell yourself that you don’t know how to do something, but actually really you do, you’re just not quite brave enough to take it on? well, not right now anyway, maybe tomorrow…….

Well this is the real thing that is holding back your business – and at Conference we will help you bust it!

See you there!