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Lets talk Business – How do you pick your Events?

by | 15/05/2017 | Business Skills, Business Start Up, Doing Business, Marketing

Events are a great way to get your business going, there are always tons of them around locally, schools, community days, fundays, galas and fairs, charity and fundraising events, all sorts of things.  But how do you pick the good events?   And if you’ve got a choice of events on the same day, which one do you choose.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Where is the venue.  Do you know it?  Is it easy to get to?  Is there parking?  Is it somewhere families would think to go?
  2. Who are the organisers?  Do they run other events?  Do they have a good reputation?   Are they organised and give you a good impression?
  3. Timing.  Is the event in the next 7 days?  If so, why are there still empty pitches? Last minute events don’t tend be well marketed so you wont have many customers.
  4. Marketing.  Is the event well advertised?  Where have YOU seen notices?  Did you know about the event before you did Sand Art?  Is there offline as well as Facebook advertising (facebook advertising is usually not enough)
  5. Who is going to the event?  Is it an event that people will take their children with them?  Is it primarily for families or primarily for adults?  What are the customers going to the event to do?
  6. Your Pitch.  Indoors or outdoors?  Is there a wet weather plan?  Is there food and drink at the event?  Where is your pitch – is it on the main walkway, or buried a bit back away from the busy sections?  Do you have enough space?  If not ask to move to another pitch.
  7. Remember to keep your costs in balance with your income.  Don’t be distracted by high footfall numbers remember that only a certain number of children will be able to make pictures, regardless of how many are at the event.  But also don’t fall into the trap of limiting your earnings to small and lowkey events just because you are scared of paying a higher stall price.

Please add your tips, and let us know how you make sure that each event that you book is a good one!