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I had the delight of attending the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in Manchester this month with Yvonne Johnson.  Yvonne one the opportunity to attend the show with all exhibition costs paid for by Kids Bee Happy to meet and welcome the hundreds of mums who were looking for a flexible and family friendly business, and in particular the 60 people who want to talk to Yvonne further about starting their Kids Bee Happy Business. Yvonne has been a leader with Kids Bee Happy for nearly three years now, and despite some pretty challenging stuff, has managed to sustain a solid position as one of Kids Bee Happy’s best leaders – mentoring and supporting her team members, whilst at the same time running her own Kids Bee Happy business, and contributing behind the scene (as all our leaders do) to hosting zoom calls, and feedback on products, systems and resources to help all consultants grow their business.

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable day with Yvonne, and am truly looking forward to the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in September in London where I will have the pleasure of the company of 2 different leaders over the 2 days of the event.