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October Newsletter

by | 03/10/2016 | KBH News, Uncategorized

The end of a hugely successful September the highlight of which was our first ever celebratory KBH conference, those who went are still buzzing about it and if you are new you can catch up with the news of the day in the blog section of your website:)


So who were the movers and Shakers in September???


Top Sales

  1. Katy Reed
  2. Sophie Thomas
  3. Claire Rothwell


Top team Builder

  1. Alex Ford
  2. Amanda Harhill
  3. Laura McIntyre


Top Team Activity

Nina Davidson


Top Team

Katy’s Kreatives


Top business Builder

Katy Reed


A Huge Well done to all of you especially Katy Reed and her team who really rocked September 🙂


A huge welcome also goes to our new consultants who joined in September, welcome to team KBH and we look forward to watching you become successful and joining in the KBH fun.


I think this is a good point to hear from the consultant who was chosen as KBH’s first Guiding Star, the inspirational  Sandra Constantopoulos:

This is the award that was chosen by you and was so emotional at Conference 🙂


I am 37 years old with a great partner and two gorgeous girls who are 4 years and 20 months old  and I have a soon to be 10 year old German shepherd.

Prior to KBH I started with another network marketing business which lasted for about 8 months and that’s when I went to look for something completely different which nobody had heard of.  I kept my eyes on social media pages and that is when I stumbled across Lauren’s ad and have not looked back.

I started my KBH journey in August 2015, I became a Team Leader quite quickly.  It has had its ups and downs where I struggle with my day job, family life and KBH but I always go back to why I started this journey.  I work three days a week as an Admin Team Leader but my goal is to do KBH full time providing an income that my day job currently offers.  I have a fantastic team who are growing daily who I am very proud of especially when I hear they are leaving their jobs to commit to KBH full time.

My first event is now a distant memory and I had a stall at Cheeki Monkeys, it was slow but there was a lot of interest so I kept going.  I knew this was the right decision when I later did a two and a half day Christmas event (I am still smiling now!), I am booked in to the same event this year and I can’t wait.

I was shocked and very emotional at receiving the guiding star award as I do sometimes feel I should be doing more but this made me realise I am doing enough daily to support my team and soon I will be able to commit more hours to supporting my team when I am able to quit the day job.

I intend to go all the way and all of you reading this can do the same, be active, be consistent, be professional and get known in your area.  We can all do this and we have fantastic support along the way and the best bit is it’s fun!



Before we talk about the new month let’s have some Housekeeping.


I’m sure you have all seen the new packaging video which has to be implemented as of now if not here is the video link but I know that each team leader has given you full information on your team page.


If you are still not sure then please speak to your upline but no homemade packs can be sold without this information being included and visible.


There will be website work on 3rd and 4th of October. Most of which will be done throughout the night so we hope to keep any  disruption to a minimum.


Please don’t forget that when you have a query please contact your upline first and they will advise you what steps to take. The way to communicate with HO about orders and deliveries is to raise a ticket,including your order number, please do not email HO as emails often get missed and that is why the ticket system was brought in.


For those of you who didn’t see we also won ANOTHER Award, We were re awarded the Lettoysbetoys 2016 award in recognition of our gender free policy of letting children choose the picture and colours they want without labelling them boys or girls picture. We are now a multi award winning company isn’t that Fabulous?


So team KBH, let’s move on to October, the month of Halloween, darkening Evenings, falling leaves, the start of a whole new season so I think we should  call it




Let’s start planning for another successful season, we had an awesome Summer and I predict an even more Awesome Autumn so let’s kick the new season of STARTOBER off with a good KBH bang 🙂


I saw a wonderful idea the other day of stretching  kids imaginations even further by getting them to turn a unicorn into a Halloween Unicorn, it had red fiery eyes and  vivid rainbow markings on a scary backdrop…Awesome..I can also see do it yourself Halloween packs flying out of the doors so don’t forget that you need the Toy safety labelling  instructions on or in the pack, be it a sticker/header or inserts with everyone you sell and also please don’t forget that we don’t sell sweets so only KBH products in the KBH pack 🙂


Startober is another month nearer your Super Spa pampering incentive and it’s wonderful to watch in your groups how you are working together  to try and get there as teams, keep up the great team work 🙂


So let’s get started, get out of those comfort zones and start making success happen.


A comfort zone is a great place to rest but nothing grows there. It’s a bit like a ship in a harbour, a safe place to be but that’s not what ships were built for, so get the wind in your sails and Startober 🙂