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November Newsletter

by | 01/11/2016 | KBH News, Uncategorized

” Action is the  key to all success”



So much action in October and so many wonderful successes let’s celebrate them.


Top Sales 🎊

  1. Judith Smurthwaite
  2. Katy Reed

3.James Dean

  1. Claire Rothwell
  2. Christine Bennett
  3. Karen Sidwell

7.Louise Hawely

8.Winnette Deflorimente

  1. Stacey Walker
  2. Jonathan Badger


Top Team builder 🍾

Katy Reed


Top Team Sales 👏

Hunny Pots


Top Business Builder ✴

Katy Reed


Top Activity 📣

Gem Mcallum


The 2 Lucky winners of the Fortnum and Mason Champagne Gift box are   📣📣📣


New October consultant   James Dean ✴


and with a massive October percentage increase of 731% is               Gem Mcallum ✴


Also huge congratulations to Team Sandy Rainbows who rallied round for great sales to support their leader Michelle Warren whilst she was seriously ill in hospital. Get well soon Michelle and big hugs from us all 🙂


Now, onward and upwards in to November and if ever there was a month that screamed action, this is it.

Let’s ensure that you take action by putting all of your events on the super new customer sand art page.


Don’t forget to like everyone’s page when you put  your events on too to share the magic that is sand art. It gives you free publicity and will expand your customer base.


To celebrate the new Customer Sand Art page we are taking action by launching a customer competition

From today we will be launching A “Best Dressed Elf” Competition which will run until 31st December”


What a fabulous sales tool for you, not just at events but for Christmas Eve  and New Years eve presents too, a great way to keep the kids  quiet and happy when they are usually at their most hyper.  When completed they can post them on


I can see complete packs of Elves being sold here. Great for playgroups, nurseries, workshops and all other age group activities. I’m sure it will be a mammoth task to choose a winner 🙂


Don’t forget that at your Christmas events, many Mum’s will be rushing around the stands at your events and may not have time to let their children spend ages at your tables so this is where the Christmas Decorations really come in to their own as they are so quick to do. Win, win for everyone 🙂 So Push the Elf competition and don’t forget to have your customer contact sheets out for them to put their details on so that  you can email them with the latest KBH news.

This will be powerful in January when you can email all of your customers with news of 2017


More action being taken by HO ( they know how to be successful) is the posting of videos over the next few weeks of each  of the decorations being completed so that you can keep updating your timeline on FB with something new and fresh.


Action now for all of our Newbies who will want to hit the ground running in November as they will have events coming out of their ears so all Newbies, take action by looking at the “Christmas tips and hints” which is on the Direct selling page to start you quickly and ensure you have a successful  Christmas period.


And finally, one of the best reasons to take action and become successful is that we still have 2 whole months for 16 of you to win the January Spa Break.  5 will be the 5 who have the highest sales. 5 will be those who have been the most successful team builders ( growing your team with active consultants) and 6 will be Head Office heroes, where we will choose those consultants who have stood out from the crowd. e.g.  constant and effective activity, the team supporter, outstanding representative of KBH, overcoming adversity. We will be watching for all those things and more so stay active and stay focussed 🙂


To help you stay focussed, Sandra and I will be doing a series of Fireside Chats starting next week when we launch our new training programme which will be available live and then placed into the library for you to catch up on. The first one will be about us chatting about Making the most of Christmas.

Can’t wait for you to join us so watch out for news of the launch.



So, the thought for this month is  it doesn’t matter if you are new to KBH or have been with us a long time, you are responsible for your success this month and all you have to do is TAKE ACTION.




” Don’t wait for the iron to get hot before striking, make it hot by striking first”