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Welcome to the New Website – What are the big changes?

by | 01/11/2018 | Uncategorized

Mobile First!

If you’re reading this blog on a PC then you might have a bit of an odd layout, however, our data tells us that last month 68% of people using our Direct Sales website do so from a mobile phone, and that that percentage is increasing at about 2% a month.  So, when we’ve designed this new website, we’ve done it with Mobile first, and desktop second.  So, if you’re visiting the website on a mobile then it won’t be that top horizontal image you’ll see, but this lovely one below – responsive and mobile friendly.

Hamburger Anyone?

As the new website is fully mobile responsive, you need to get used to our Hamburger menu.  Simply click the hamburger and the full menu pops out.  So, the quick answer to “where do I find…..” will be to check the hamburger.


A better Backoffice

Isn’t this so much better?  Everything where you can find it, all on the one page, with the one central login.


Down to Business!

This website is all about Kids Bee Happy as a business opportunity, and so a big part of the remit of the website was to bring in a new look and feel, that properly reflects what our business opportunity is all about.  Our multicoloured stripey branding is great for catching eyes at events, however, when we want to talk to people about the business opportunity, we want to be a bit calmer, more of an adult conversation.  So we have created a new “business opportunity” branding, which keeps the key elements of our customer branding, but polishes it a little.  And this branding will be used on our teambuilding print materials as well as the website, so that its all nice and consistent.

Integrated Learning

We are very delighted that finally we will have all of the training materials located in your back office too.  No more Dropbox (sorry Tanya!), and no more “where’s the training link?”, all of our courses will be available from your back office main menu, videos as well as text based.

Our new Learning section also gives us the ability to publish courses to specific groups of people.  Which means that for the first time, it lets us make specific training courses available to people who have signed up but not started their business, and it means that we are able to keep leaders training material reserved for those that are teambuilding.

Integrated Support

One simple change that’s going to make a huge difference for us is that the support module is now all fully integrated into our backoffice, instead of running in a separate package.  What does that mean for us?  Well firstly, it means that its now really easy for you to find and use, because it will just be a simple menu option in your back office – no extra (or facebook) login required, and all our responses kept for you in the same place too, instead of having to scrabble around and find emails.

A better Quickstart

As part of the website changes, Quickstart will be changing too.  If you are already on a quickstart, then you’ll carry on working towards your monthly prizes and your personalised banner, but for people signing up after 1st November, then the quickstart will all be based around earning credits to your account, that you can send on anything you wish.  More to come on this.

Better ways to keep updated

At the moment, if you’re not a regular user of your team’s facebook group, then you’ll know that you frequently miss out on new products, promotions and other news. Our new website has a lovely way of pushing this through to you via the website, so that when you log in, we will be able to update you on news and announcements made since your last visit.

And there is more to come!

We have a development plan for the next six months with all sorts of extra bits that we are now able to develop and include to make sure that our website keeps up with your business.