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Kids Bee Happy Top 10% Sales for Month of February

by | 01/03/2018 | Uncategorized

February is always an interesting month at Kids Bee Happy, and we tend to see that the people who do well in sales during February are those who are really planning their business for the next year, and I’m always really excited to see that our next generation of leaders will come from this group.

Congratulations to everyone in the Top 10%, and here are the winners listed in Sales value order:

Claire Rothwell
Lisa Champion
Isla Duncan
Kate Fletcher
Laura Hall
Lyn Bunker
Lucy Galloway
Jekaterina Kirik
Becky Harding
Victoria Robb
Elizabeth Maskell
Sarah Arnold
Martin Fearnley
Dina Emmons
Jade Deverill
Debbie Kusnirik
Lauren Samson
Emma Fenwick
Vicky Gregory
Fran Nash
Marie-Claire Stevens
Suzi Waddell
mary mcconnachie
Sandy Randall
Louise Brammeld
Katy Reed
Juliet Cook
Sally Sutthery
Natalie Stone