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Kids Bee Happy Top 10% August

by | 01/09/2017 | Awards, Leadership

It’s time to give recognition to those people who have reached the top for Top Sales for the Month of August.

This is always such a wonderful recognition, because its open to everyone, whether you’ve just started your Kids Bee Happy business (like Lucy Galloway), or you’ve been with us since the very beginning (like Christine Bennett).  I also love the geographical spread that this list covers, with people such as Isla Duncan all the way up in Lossiemouth showing us that you don’t need to live in the big cities to have a busy business.

Winners in Alphabetical Order:

  • Claire Rothwell
  • Isla Duncan
  • Katy Reed
  • Clare Dervan
  • Christine Bennett
  • Caroline Doran
  • Lucy Galloway
  • Allison Greig
  • Jennifer O’Hanlon
  • Michelle Warren
  • Maddi Rowley
  • Rob Woollin
  • Lucy Bedford
  • Judith Smurthwaite
  • Vicky Gregory
  • Tanya Taylor
  • Jodi Clarke
  • William Convery
  • Darren Jackson
  • Julie Ostasz
  • Danny Glass
  • Zoe Thompson
  • Debbie Todd
  • Caroline Thompson
  • Suzi Waddell
  • Denise Greenaway
  • Louise Brammeld
  • Jody Goode
  • Elizabeth Shipp
  • Lorraine Foster