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Kids Bee Happy Top 1%

by | 01/06/2017 | Doing Business

And our Final new recognition award for May 2017, as we recognise the consultants who represent the Top 1% of Kids Bee Happy.  Again, because we are recognising consistent success month on month, this award is based on Sales for the last 12 months.

The three people below are shining examples of how, no matter what your background or lifestyle, or how you want to grow your Kids Bee Happy business, success is there waiting for you.


3. Judith Smurthwaite

Judith has a real Passion for Kids Bee Happy, and that’s what people who meet her will tell you.  She’s an outside the box thinker who makes a big impression, and a dedicated and consistent worker.  Judith is out with her events almost everyweekend, combining them with her Daughters Dance Competitions and proving that Kids Bee Happy really does fit into every lifestyle.  Congratulations Judith.

2. Katy Reed

Katy is one of our founding Frontline leaders, and has consistently worked hard in both Team Building and Sales.  Katy achieved Business Builder rank in Spring 2016 and sustaining it ever since by promoting out leaders.  Katy runs her business locally, working with a close team of local consultants, whilst building her team nationally by mentoring and supporting consultants who live several hundred miles away.  Congratulations Katy.

1. Claire Rothwell

Claire is a name that you’ll be very familiar with if you read our newsletters, as Claire has regularly been our Top Sales Consultant for the month.   Claire is a shining example to anyone that worries that Direct Sales is all about recruitment as Claire demonstrates perfectly that actually its about you, and getting out there and enjoying selling the products.   Congratulations Claire.