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It’s a new Disney Love Story

by | 31/08/2017 | Doing Business

As I was busy reorganising the warehouse this week, a little thought cloud drifted into my mind.  How come that the Disney Retail packs are so popular with our consultants and customers, but consultants tell us that “no-one likes the Disney pictures”.  I mean, it’s weird, they are exactly the same pictures, so how come??  It’s a conversation that I have regularly because the Disney pictures are the top selling pictures for our holiday park corporate customers – so customers definitely like them, yet many consultants struggle to feel the Disney love.

It’s One of the topics that comes up regularly in training, because small actions based on personal preferences tend end up having quite a big impact.  For example, how many people have the picture that they like least coloured in?  or right upfront in the most prominent place in their display?  How many people point out their favourite picture when customers are choosing saying “and this one is REALLY popular”?  We all do these little things mostly without even realising.

Meantime, whilst I was busy pondering this, in a completely different part of the country, one of our Senior Leaders – Gem McCallum was busy writing a facebook post about how she’d had a quiet event and so had decided to colour in some of the Disney pictures so that they were upfront and colourful, and importantly completed, and that how after that they’d become the most popular pictures of the day.   And in that facebook conversation that Gem had in her team about this the other consultants who had similarly coloured in Disney pictures were also sharing how they’d had people want to buy finished pictures because they liked them so much.

The other story we hear is that the Disney pictures are “too complicated”.  But again, as little kids in their droves make the pictures at the Holiday Parks, we know that they’re not too complicated, its just that the consultant’s perception was that they are too complicated, which is something different altogether.  And anyway, more detailed pictures are great!  They take longer and there is more for the child to do – and that just all add up to better value for money.  And, one more And, the small pictures in the Retail packs are precisely the same pictures as the big pictures, exactly just the same number of bits, cut from exactly the same template – and if anything more tricky as the pieces are smaller – and people love the retail packs – don’t they?

So our top tips to feel the Disney love:

  1. Stop telling yourself a story – the retail packs sell, and the same people come back and buy more, therefore the pictures are not too complicated, or too difficult, and the customers really do love them.
  2. Colour them in.  Make sure you have 1 picture of every design coloured in.
  3. Pick your Situations. Use the pictures where you want the children to have the benefit of the extended duration and/or where the Disney brand has extra value.  For example, Birthday Parties.  Or events where you have been paid to be there where there aren’t that many children – ie Weddings or Corporate bookings.