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Ideas Generator

by | 30/08/2018 | Business Skills, Competition, Doing Business, Resources

Kids Bee Happy is a very lucky company with some absolutely amazing consultants, who are always bringing lots of new ideas to the business.  And as we grow Kids Bee Happy this is your chance to get involved with future ideas, products and our businesses future.

From September, we will be starting our Ideas Generator, where you can properly submit your

Our Ideas Rewards will be as follows:

Bronze Idea – 1000 Points (£10)

  • An idea or suggestion that saves time, effort and resources.
  • A display or product idea

Silver Idea – 2500 Points (£25)

  • Re-purposing – Ideas that take our existing product range, and create a new way of selling, or using in workshops, events or parties.
  • Business improvement ideas

Gold Idea – 5000 Points (£50)

  • New product suggestions that we are able to commercially take forward. It’s probable that you may already be doing something like your idea in your business already, but to make it work for everyone through the network we will need to put our heads together and make a plan.

Platinum Idea – 10,000 Points (£100) – And you get added to our website Hall of Fame

  • A simply outstanding stonkingly good idea, that we are all kicking ourselves that we didn’t think of earlier, that we can replicate throughout the entire network, which will easily create additional sales and revenues for potentially all consultants without adding on any significant costs to them.   These ideas will be the ones that you’ve been figuring out quietly in the background and wondering if we can take them forward.


How do I share these ideas with you?

Send your ideas in by email to 

Each month we will be including in the Newsletter any ideas that we like and want to share and reward.