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Essential Information

by | 23/10/2018 | KBH News

What’s Happening?

The Kids Bee Happy direct sales website will be closed completely for the full day 29th, 30th and 31st of October.

Why is this Happening?

We are closing the old site down in order to prepare and move the data over onto the new version of the website.  The new website will be going live 2nd November 2018.   The old website has been in need of some updates for a while, and this changeover will see lots of those updates all tackled at the same time.

What do I Need to do?

If you need stock delivered to you before Monday 5th November – You need to order this stock by Sunday 28th October 2018.

What will I not be able to do during the Shutdown?

You will not be able to:

  • Order products
  • View your points
  • View your order history
  • View your downline and their orders etc.

So what does this mean?

It means that Month End for October is coming early – You will not be able to place orders after 10pm on Sunday (Remember clocks will have changed too).