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Easy Energy Boosts

by | 31/07/2017 | Doing Business

Over the past week or so I’ve been thinking a lot about energy. Often energy has lots of different meanings especially in a personal context, we may talk about it as an invisible source outside of ourselves or maybe that someone has a particular energy, but I was focusing more on our own energy and whether we have it or not!

I see a number of people who tell me that they are tired all the time, that they simply don’t have the energy, they feel flat, they’ve checked that there is not anything physical going on and we’ve talked about sleep, fitness, nutrition and after they have investigated all of this and still draw a blank you may ask yourself well what else is there that could cause it.

It’s like they’ve had that special energy, that joie d’vie sucked right out of them – and that often the key! The question is not why are you so tired but how alive are you? What do you do that gives you energy?

When we talk about life balance it’s often the part that is overlooked, we look at how much we work, how much time we spend with our families, do we rest enough, are we serving our spiritual side, do we exercise – but rarely do we ask the question – what revives us? What gives us energy?

It may be that one or some of those may do this, or that something else does but there is also a little tip that helps these things even more because you can reinvigorate your energy in just the normal every day, simply by focussing on enjoying it.

How often do we repeat the dialogue in our head of how tired we are, it may be that we are cooking the dinner, bathing the kids or writing that presentation, but we will every few moments, take a breath and say ‘I’m so tired’, it’s like we don’t want to forget how tired we are! The difficulty with constantly reminding ourselves is that we are telling ourselves to be tired, so it becomes a vicious cycle – we’re tired, we tell ourselves we are tired, we therefore feel even more tired, which makes us feel worse so we tell ourselves how tired we are! We then wonder why we have no energy and why we have felt like it for such a long time!

What if we recognised that that message was just a thought, a tired thought, one that we could just let go, shrug off, ignore simply as a ‘oh I’m doing the tired thought again’ and then turned our attention to what we were doing. What if we went one step further and found the enjoyment in what we were doing, found the joy, even became passionate about what we were doing even if it was putting the rubbish out or doing your accounts!

When we turn our focus on this positive energy, it’s like turning a downward spiral the other way – you’ve got it, it starts turning upwards and before long your energy levels are no longer flat lined, life is more enjoyable and what you do gives you energy instead of sucking the life out of you!


Andrea Morrison is a Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Speaker ( and is author of The Feel Good Factor in 30 days.