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Direct Sales offers an easy low cost way of setting up a business, with the advantage of business support and a product already on the market.  But with so many to choose from how can you work out which company is right for you.
At Kids Bee Happy we break it down into 3 areas – products, people and passion. So here are some questions to get you thinking about the 3Ps.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Choose a company whose products you love. Ask yourself – Would you still buy the products even if you had no connection to the business?
  2. Do the products stand out in a crowd? Are the products memorable? What other companies sell the same or similar products?
  3. Are the products value for money? They might be basic or luxury, but one thing customers expect whatever the price is value for money – this is the thing that makes them come back for more.
  4. Where can you sell the products? Can you only sell them to individual people, or can you also sell to groups, organisations, companies etc. The more places you can sell, the better for your business possibilities.
  5. Who can you sell the products to? Who is the target customer? Are they just for men or women? And how often will they buy?

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