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Conference Speaker Announcement – House of Colour – Melanie Taylor

by | 12/06/2017 | Conference 2017, Doing Business, Training, Women in Business

A good few years back I attended a workshop held by the House of Colour, and it was one of the most interesting training sessions that I have ever visited, at the time I was working in Industry as an Business Consultant, and frequently ended up being the only woman in the middle of a power fight between a bunch of men.  My favourite suit was red, with a white shirt, and black shoes, black watch – and this was my “kick ass” outfit.  So, it was fascinating to discover with the house of colour, that this magic combination of Red, Black and White was effectively a declaration of war, which yelled “Fight!” to everyone who had the pleasure of bumping into me that day.

So, what was happening without me even realising it, was that the colours that I was wearing were communicating a message, a sentiment, even characteristics to others.   We’ve all heard about the “trust” colour of blue – and if you were anything like me you might have noticed that Theresa May approached all her big recent confrontations in her red suit.

Melanie Taylor from House of Colour will be a guest speaker at the conference to give you tips on how to use colour, clothes and makeup to give you ammunition and confidence, dressing to suit you and give you that extra boost and create that wow.