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Conference Newsletter

by | 12/09/2016 | KBH News, Uncategorized


What an amazing weekend and what awesome consultants. Team KBH YOU ROCK!


Conference was the most exciting, motivational, inspirational, happy day this year.


We had 7 inspirational stories from 7 inspirational women.


Lauren Samson, Yvonne Johnson,  Christine Bennett, Stacey Smith, Gem McCallum, Suzi Wadddell and Maddi Rowley.


Each story so different but each one touched our hearts and made us understand that we can all be anything we want to be and overcome anything life throws at us if we believe in ourselves.

Sandra told us the story of KBH and where she sees our future and Andrea inspired us how to turn our can’ts in to cans. Great vision for our futures.


Then we celebrated so many achievements and winners and you can read all about them on the KBH Direst Sales page but I will re iterate the draw winners again here.


The winners of The tables were:

Hannah Healey, Claire Lomas and Debbie Todd.

The winners of the 100 pics were.

Susan Loone, Amy Parker and Mick Whitehead


The tables are being dispatched tomorrow and will need you to be there for delivery on Wednesday. If you aren’t able to take delivery of the tables on Wednesday please can you ring HO to arrange a suitable day 🙂


The other outstanding part of the day and the one that reduced me to tears even though I had said I wouldn’t  was the Guiding Star Award.

It was so special because this was your award to one of your own.

Your winner was Sandra Constantopoulos and Sandra will be sharing her story so that you all get to know her in the end of month newsletter 🙂


The team really enjoyed meeting Jason the warehouse manager and he really rocks the KBH Apron and Key Rings that were on sale 🙂 I’m sure that you have all seen the picture of him in the Apron 🙂


It was such a celebratory day and wonderful to recognise the achievements of so many.


To those of you who were there we would love to hear your comments that perhaps you now think ” oh I wish I had put that in the suggestions box but have just thought about it now”

so please can you take this survey and we look forward to your comments.




Let’s talk the FUTURE OF KBH

How many more of you will be on stage next year. It was wonderful to hear so many of you saying. “that will be me next year”


Halloween is the next big event this year and I know that in your groups you are already swapping ideas to make it a success and  grow your profits and then after Halloween it’s …………………………………………….





Check out your group pages for the images from Conference and we did listen and we did give you ……………………………….THE ELF !!! Just too exciting .🎊


The new pictures will come in at the end of October  but as you know you can stock up already on the existing Christmas pictures but when they are gone they are gone until the new stock arrives so if you have any favourites get them ordered 🙂


So, what’s in it for you this Christmas? Well lots of mega profits, that’s for sure 🙂 But we thought you might need some R&R afterwards to chill and reward yourselves for being so successful so……………………………


We have 16  places, already booked  for 16 people to be thoroughly spoilt at Crewe Hall Spa!1s0x487a5f133c3f5ddd:0x70e3bb2a725448e6!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!3m1!7e115!4s


This amazing Spa, in it’s awesome setting, is waiting for you to be pampered on January 22nd 2017.

You will arrive  to Prosecco in your room, a leisurley lunch catching up and making new friends, a luxury treatment  and then dinner  to forge new friendships and swap stories and ideas.

AND you don’t have to rush off after breakfast the next day, you can stay and use the spa facilities until  4pm.


Isn’t that fantastic???


What do you have to do to be part of this wonderful Luxury break?


The 5 consultants with the highest individual Sales  will be going 🙂


The 5 consultants who build their teams with most new  active consultants will be going.

(where there is a tie on new active consultants the consultants with the highest sales will  win e.g. you have 10 consultants and they are all active and their sales over the  incentive period  amount to £3000 and another consultant has 10 active consultants and their combined activity is £4000 then he/she will be above you in the list).


However there is another amazing category because at Head Office we have 6 other places that will be awarded. and this category is called


Head Office Heroes


So  when the incentive comes to and end and we know who has won the  10 places for sales and Team building we will sit down and see, who has achieved  and done something that we think is very special

It might be someone who has stepped up 2 or 3 ranks in that period, it might be someone who has been consistently active throughout enormous challenges , it might be someone who just missed out on sales or team building.

It will give every solitary one of you a chance to shine in your own right and have a chance of recognition.


We have always said we are unlike any other company and this really proves our point of difference again.

We want to reward you for growing  and developing and encouraging others to do the same.

We want to reward consistency and team players as well as recognise sales and team building. All of these things are vital in a company and all of you are equally important to us and we want you to know that.


The Incentive started on Saturday 10th and will continue  until 31st December so lots of time to be successful in whatever way you choose.


I can’t wait to see all the chatter in your groups and watch you pull together to be the best you can be.

We will be sharing more Conference photos in the days to come so keep an eye on the Direct sales page and put your focus on being  a winner at Christmas just like the winners at Conference.