Disney, Clarks and Gender Neutral Classrooms – what does it have to do with me?

Disney, Clarks and Gender Neutral Classrooms – what does it have to do with me?

During the very busy run up to the end of August, you might have missed this post that went viral  about a little boy not being allowed to go to a “Princess for a day” party at Disneyland.   And with BBC’s No More Boys and Girls, and the Clarks shoe debacle, when big companies get it wrong it seems like a great opportunity to discuss what the public is increasing expecting regarding gender neutrality in play.

As you know, Kids Bee Happy has been the proud supporter of Let Toys Be Toys, and been awarded the Toymark Award for the past 2 years, but it’s something that we should never rest on our laurels and always be at the forefront of how we do business.  There is a fantastic moment in the No More Boys and Girls episode 1 where the producers swapped a baby boy and baby girls clothes round, and then put the babies on a mat with an adult and a selection of toys, and then watched as the adults pushed gender stereotype toys onto the children without even realising that they did it.  It was very noticeable that the stuffed passive toys were directed at the “girl”, and the mechanical toys for the “boy”.  And it shows instantly how all these influences are around children everyday, and how they all add up.

Now me, you might have noticed that I have a huge passion for levelling the playing field.  I personally have spent the majority of my life being the only female in the room, and I haven’t lived that rebellious a life.  And as a mother of girls, I had hoped that what gender they are would have no impact on the choices of my children in their careers and future.  However, the world moves slowly it seems and we’re still fighting the battle.  But the one thing that I can do as the Managing Director of Kids Bee Happy is to try my upmost to make sure that its something that we as a company join the battle to eliminate.

Kids Bee Happy offers a very wide range of Sand Art pictures, and we try to ensure that there is something in there that appeals to everyone, however, when i’m out at the events I have to consistently remember to help the children choose in a gender neutral way.  All too frequently we see the parents or grandparents steer their children’s choice in the direction of “suitable” pictures, how many times have we seen wee boys hovering over a butterfly or a fairy picture to see the mum go “Oh, there’s a dinosaur, or how about a car?”  Or to see a girl thinking about a robot picture and their parent suggest a “pretty butterfly”.

As advocates of gender neutral play, we have a role to play here, little things that we can do can make a difference.  If a parent is pointing at lots of stereotypical pictures then interrupt (gently) point out other pictures that they can equally enjoy.  If we’re making recommendations to children then again mix it up so that the suggestions are wide and varied, and be brave, make the first picture something that could be associated more with the opposite sex.   Make it clear to the boys that if they want to colour in a picture of a princess then that is absolutely fine, and make it clear to the girls that we know that they like cars and planes just as much as boys.  On the tables, in the displays mix up the pictures, make it clear that there is no such thing as a “boys” section and a “girls” selection.

When we colour in our display pictures make sure that we make them as multicoloure as possible, using all the colours from pink to blue, and all the other ones inbetween, so that we don’t send out the subtle “pink for girl” messages that we see so often in the clothes and fashions sectors.  What I personally prefer to do is to mix up the colours in the most wonderful and creative way, pink loins, red dolphins, brown butterflies, orange fairies, orange, pink and yellow skies, even a punk rock hedgehog.  There is no right or wrong with colour when it comes to sand art, so the more creative we can be with our display pictures, the more we send out the “anything goes” message to the children.   If a boy’s colouring the picture point out to them that they’ve not coloured anything in Pink yet. If we’re chatting to the children about colour start a conversation about how “brown” is your favourite colour etc and make up a whole load of wonderful reasons why brown is so good.

Draw attention and offer an alternative, that’s all we have to do.

In the great big gender debate it’s very easy for critics to dismiss it all, saying “oh why do we need to worry, the children will choose what they want”, but the problem is that by the time the kids get around to choosing they’ve already have years of marketing, fashion, TV, books, films, cartoons, and adults telling them subconsciously what they “should” be preferring, and sometimes its difficult for them to say something different.  And this is where our role comes in.  I know that all of our consultants work hard to ensure gender neutrality with our young customers, however, its important to remember that they might not have that same influence elsewhere, they could perhaps live with very traditional parents or grandparents, so your voice is important, even if it by doing something as tiny as just adding in the word “fairy” into a list of suggestions of boys pictures, let them know it’s OK to do something different.  From little acorns big oaks grow, so please continue to plant those little acorns.  Thank you.

Launching the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club

Launching the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club

The perfect way to expand your Kids Party Business

We are delight to announce that Kids Bee Happy is launching our very own Bear Club.  From 1 September all of our wonderful local consultants, all over the UK, will be also be able to offer UK and Irish children and families make a bear workshops, parties and activities, alongside our already popular sand art.

Kids Bee Happy is the UK’s only direct sales company that provides kids activities and parties, which means that it really is the flexible work from home business that the whole family can get involved in.

“We are very proud to be adding the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club into our product range” said Sandra Patterson, Managing Director of Kids Bee Happy.  “Children love making their own teddy bears, but for many families its costly and difficult because of where they live.   As Kids Bee Happy has a network of over 300 local consultants covering the whole of the UK, it really does mean that we can help all children have their very own bear party, wherever they want, whether they are in the Sicily Isles or the Orkney Isles.”

“Parents pay one all inclusive price, and includes not only the bear, and all you need to make it, but also a hoodie or a tee shirt for the bear for the kids to decorate themselves, plus all the little things like wishing stars, and birth certificates, that make it all so special for the children, and all of the bears are the same price, making it nice and certain for the adults too”.

The Kids Bee Happy bear club products are available to all registered consultants, and anyone who wants to start their own Kids Bee Happy business can do so by joining up as an independent consultant on our website http://sales.kidsbeehappy.com.  When consultants join everyone is added to a team, where a local team leader and fellow consultants are all on hand offering help, tips and knowledge, mentoring support and advice to really help you start and grow your business.

“Kids Bee Happy already provide their Independent Consultants with an amazing product that works well in different settings with Sand Art. Now they are adding in another great product that is just as exciting, Bear Club! I’m excited to add it to my business & be able to offer both to my customers.” said Maddi Rowley, one of Kids Bee Happy’s team leaders based in Berkshire, “It’s reassuring & rewarding to represent a company that prides themselves on quality.”

Direct sales is a great way for many UK families to top up their incomes, as household bills continue their steady increase, being able to earn an extra £100 per week by simply doing 1 or 2 parties or events makes a real impact to a families income.  People can start and grow their business at the pace they feel comfortable with, and full training is given so no previous experience is necessary.

“I just love these bears” continued Sandra.  “I’ve had them sitting on my desk for the past few months as we’ve been busy preparing to launch them into the network, and they have become familiar faces, I even know them all by name now too.   I can’t wait to see the excitement and pleasure that our Bear Club workshops and parties will bring to families all over the UK”

July’s Top 10%

July’s Top 10%

Kids Bee Happy would like to give Special Recognition to the following consultants who were the Top 10% during the month of July 2017:

Position Name Upline Sponsor Team Leader
1 Claire Rothwell Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
2 Judith Smurthwaite Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
3 Caroline Doran Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
4 Debbie Todd Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
5 Lyn Bunker Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
6 Tanya Taylor Katy Reed Katy Reed
7 Michelle Warren Yvonne Johnson Michelle Warren
8 Lucy Bedford Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
9 Vicky Gregory Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
10 Louise Padmore Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
11 Jennifer O’Hanlon Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
12 Suzi Waddell Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
13 Adele Emmerson-Ryan Lynn Bramley Gem McCallum
14 Katy Reed Katy Reed Katy Reed
15 Lian Kingscott Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
16 Lynn Bramley Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
17 Lucy Galloway Tanya Taylor Katy Reed
18 Louise Maule Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
19 Alison Lafferty Sally Sutthery Maddi Rowley
20 Melissa Harrison Katy Reed Katy Reed
21 Kelly Norton-Noon Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
22 alison Taylor-Fellows Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
23 Yvonne Johnson Katy Reed Katy Reed
24 Suzanne Wight Louise Brammeld Caroline Thompson
25 Catrina White kelly Farndon Lauren Samson
26 Clare Dervan Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
27 Zoe Mercer Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
28 Corine Wright Lucy Galloway Katy Reed
29 Victoria Robb Caroline Thompson Caroline Thompson
30 Jodi Clarke Melissa Harrison Katy Reed
31 Suzanne Kirkham Hannah Healy Louise Hawley
32 Charlotte Rone Michelle Warren Michelle Warren
33 Julie Thompson Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
34 Isla Duncan Louise Brammeld Caroline Thompson

A special mention is given to the following consultants who successfully achieved Top 10% during the first month of their business:  Lucy Galloway, Corine Wright, Jodi Clarke, Lian Kingscroft, Louise Padmore, and Isla Duncan.

Congratulations to all of you.

The Top 10% is a monthly recognition, its wonderful to see a mix of existing consultants and new consultants in this mix.



Business Speak – It’s Just like talking to children

In our business we spend a lot of time talking to children,and many consultants find this very natural and easy simply because so many of them have young families, or grandchildren, and so its something that we do automatically without even thinking about it.

This great blog post from Pink Elephant Communications talks about how you can use all that same style when it comes to talking to customers or talking about your business.  Read more here:

Communication: 5 Habits of Highly Effective Parents

Conference Speaker Announcement – House of Colour – Melanie Taylor

A good few years back I attended a workshop held by the House of Colour, and it was one of the most interesting training sessions that I have ever visited, at the time I was working in Industry as an Business Consultant, and frequently ended up being the only woman in the middle of a power fight between a bunch of men.  My favourite suit was red, with a white shirt, and black shoes, black watch – and this was my “kick ass” outfit.  So, it was fascinating to discover with the house of colour, that this magic combination of Red, Black and White was effectively a declaration of war, which yelled “Fight!” to everyone who had the pleasure of bumping into me that day.

So, what was happening without me even realising it, was that the colours that I was wearing were communicating a message, a sentiment, even characteristics to others.   We’ve all heard about the “trust” colour of blue – and if you were anything like me you might have noticed that Theresa May approached all her big recent confrontations in her red suit.

Melanie Taylor from House of Colour will be a guest speaker at the conference to give you tips on how to use colour, clothes and makeup to give you ammunition and confidence, dressing to suit you and give you that extra boost and create that wow.

Conference Speaker Announcement

At the end of 2016 Kids Bee Happy sent out a training questionnaire to all of our direct sales consultants asking you what type of training resources, information and help you would like to help you grow your business.   Surprisingly, social media help was the top request by far, you see, although everyone regularly used facebook, twitteror instagram for their own personal use, using it to harness business, to capture, excite and engage customers was something completely different.

So, we are very pleased to response that our first speak will be addressing this head on, and as it’s Google we will definitely be learning from the masters. This session on how to reach, attract and engage new customers for your direct sales business using Social Media will be an absolute must for everyone.