50% More Consultants on track to win a Winter Incentive this year

50% More Consultants on track to win a Winter Incentive this year

This time last year we were busy deciding the winner for the 2016 Winter Incentive – 15 people won a place on the Spa break – 5 top sales, 5 top team builders, and 5 Head Office heros.

And today I am busy preparing for the Team Leaders meeting, and I am so delighted to see that this year, twice as many consultants will will a winter incentive.  12 lucky consultants have already secured a wonderful day out for their family at a Merlin Theme park of their choice, and I am so very happy about this.  When we talk to our consultants, the one thing that comes through strongest in all the conversations is that some many of you are doing Kids Bee Happy for your families – for some extra income yes, but also for the extra skills and experience too, and to build a proper business.

So a shout out to Jennifer O’Hanlon, Michelle Munt, Kate Fletcher, Louise Padmore, and Vicky Gregory who have not only already won their Theme Park tickets, but who are also in with a good chance of adding a hotel stay onto that family day trip, or escaping on a cottage weekend.

And another shout out to Lauren Samson, Karen Ord, Claire Rothwell, Dina Emmons, Adele Emmerson-Ryan, Martin Fearnley, and Katy Reed

And as our Winter Incentive period is still running, we have another 7 people who if they are simply active in January and February will also win their Family Theme Park tickets, and then another 6 people who are so close, they just need to be active and a little bit more to win the prize.  I’m not going to tell you who you are right now (just to build the suspense and tension) – but your leaders have a list.

And this is what makes me happy – giving away prizes – so Remember – there are still 2 months left of the Winter Incentive period, so everyone is in with a chance of winning a prize for their family too.

How would you feel if an event organiser cancelled your booking last minute?   –  Pretty Crap?  Well Read on…

How would you feel if an event organiser cancelled your booking last minute?   –  Pretty Crap?  Well Read on…

During the past few weeks we have had a number of consultants that have cancelled events at the last minute.  Even worse, we’ve had consultants who simply haven’t turned up and haven’t even been polite enough to contact the organisers and let them know why.    With Kids Bee Happy everyone’s business benefits from being part of a brand that represents quality, consistency, and high customer service, so if a consultant doesn’t turn up then it impacts on everyone.

It also has a knock on effect and impacts on the reputation and bookings of other consultants.

There is never an excuse not to turn up.  90% of the time an other team member can cover or a borrow box can be arranged.

And PLEASE – never book multiple events for the same times – you cannot be in two places at once and you are guaranteed to be letting someone down.

July’s Top 10%

July’s Top 10%

Kids Bee Happy would like to give Special Recognition to the following consultants who were the Top 10% during the month of July 2017:

Position Name Upline Sponsor Team Leader
1 Claire Rothwell Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
2 Judith Smurthwaite Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
3 Caroline Doran Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
4 Debbie Todd Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
5 Lyn Bunker Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
6 Tanya Taylor Katy Reed Katy Reed
7 Michelle Warren Yvonne Johnson Michelle Warren
8 Lucy Bedford Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
9 Vicky Gregory Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
10 Louise Padmore Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
11 Jennifer O’Hanlon Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
12 Suzi Waddell Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
13 Adele Emmerson-Ryan Lynn Bramley Gem McCallum
14 Katy Reed Katy Reed Katy Reed
15 Lian Kingscott Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
16 Lynn Bramley Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
17 Lucy Galloway Tanya Taylor Katy Reed
18 Louise Maule Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
19 Alison Lafferty Sally Sutthery Maddi Rowley
20 Melissa Harrison Katy Reed Katy Reed
21 Kelly Norton-Noon Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
22 alison Taylor-Fellows Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
23 Yvonne Johnson Katy Reed Katy Reed
24 Suzanne Wight Louise Brammeld Caroline Thompson
25 Catrina White kelly Farndon Lauren Samson
26 Clare Dervan Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
27 Zoe Mercer Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
28 Corine Wright Lucy Galloway Katy Reed
29 Victoria Robb Caroline Thompson Caroline Thompson
30 Jodi Clarke Melissa Harrison Katy Reed
31 Suzanne Kirkham Hannah Healy Louise Hawley
32 Charlotte Rone Michelle Warren Michelle Warren
33 Julie Thompson Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
34 Isla Duncan Louise Brammeld Caroline Thompson

A special mention is given to the following consultants who successfully achieved Top 10% during the first month of their business:  Lucy Galloway, Corine Wright, Jodi Clarke, Lian Kingscroft, Louise Padmore, and Isla Duncan.

Congratulations to all of you.

The Top 10% is a monthly recognition, its wonderful to see a mix of existing consultants and new consultants in this mix.



Introducing the Kids Bee Happy Brand Ambassadors

Introducing the Kids Bee Happy Brand Ambassadors

Are you a Kids Bee Happy Ambassador?

Traditionally, direct sales companies are very good to giving recognition to people who build big teams, or who knock out top sales month after month.   But here at Kids Bee Happy we are very aware that there is a massive group of people who contribute just as much to the success of Kids Bee Happy, but who don’t get loud and noisy recognition in the newsletters.

So, with effect from August we will be creating Kids Bee Happy Ambassadors.  To be a Kids Bee Happy ambassador you need to be have been with Kids Bee Happy for at least 12 months, and have achieved active status for 10 out of 12 months each year.

And to reward as well as recognise our Ambassadors, we will be sending you out a pin badge so that you can (discreetly or loudly) display your success, and in addition there will be a unique special offer code each month giving you access to an exclusive special offer only for Ambassadors.

We look forward to welcoming our first set of Ambassadors at the end of the month.


Deliveries and Holidays

As we run into the peak summer period, please remember that your DPD drivers will be taking holidays too. 

Over the next few weeks each depot will have drivers on holiday, which means less vans, fuller loads, longer runs, different delivery times, and drivers not used to your route or aware of the little habits your normal driver has that you’ve both got used to.

In order to keep deliveries running smoothly to you please can you ensure the following:

– Please don’t leave your order til last minute. If you need stocks for the weekend please ensure that your order is in before midday on Wednesday.

– Please download the DPD app and make sure that you add into the app the email address that you use for KBH. DPD will promptly process any redeliver instructions via the app far quicker and better than if you contact us.

– Please Alert us via ticket of any orders showing in your members>account section as pending or incomplete.

Please let us know Thurs AM of anything that you are unsure about re deliveries, because Thursday is the last chance we have to dispatch to you for a pre-weekend delivery. 

Tickets are always the best way to report delivery problems as it means everyone in the warehouse has full visibility of all your communications.

Thank you!

June Top10% Sales

June Top10% Sales

Congratulations to those who have made it into the top 10% of Kids Bee Happy for Sales in the Month.  Its wonderful to see such a varied leaderboard, including some new members, some founder members and a lot of those people who are consistently active.  Congratulations to you all.

Winners are as follows:

  1. Judith Smurthwaite
  2. Lauren Samson
  3. Adele Emmerson-Ryan
  4. Claire Rothwell
  5. Cindy Reay McLean
  6. Elizabeth Shipp
  7. Lisa Williamson
  8. Michelle Warren
  9. Jeanette Stiles
  10. Caroline Doran
  11. Justine Clark
  12. Melissa Harrison
  13. Jason Boyle
  14. Leone Edwards
  15. Tanya Taylor
  16. Emma Turney
  17. Debbie Todd
  18. Sarah Bartholomew
  19. Kate Hutchings
  20. Wendy Wildman
  21. Alexandra Simpson
  22. Lynn Bramley
  23. Caroline Keith
  24. Alison Lafferty
  25. Suzi Waddell
  26. Mark Hill
  27. Angelika Davis
  28. Christine Bennett
  29. Nikki Stanley
  30. Madelaine Rowley