Welcome to the Kids Bee Happy Sales

If this is your first New Year with Kids Bee Happy then let me introduce to you the Kids Bee Happy sale – everyyear we follow a set pattern so that people know what to expect, and importantly know when to buy what they need and what they can expect to see in the sales.

So, firstly – what you will see – You will see special offers and discounts on products that will help you grow your business.  These may be bulk packs of none-core pictures, they will include marketing materials, and products that we’re looking to move out of the warehouse.    Each week we will list a new sale promotion, and it will be active for 7-10 days.  There will be limited stocks available in the sale promotion, and so when a sale period ends it can’t be extended.  It may also finish early if we sell out of the sale stocks.

We will be running the sales promotions throughout the whole of January and most of February.   All sale promotions will be announced on the Sand Art facbook page, and will be shared into your team pages.

There will always be a 30-50% saving, so if you want to order the products, order early, don’t wait – you will always be saving a lot more than the £4 postage so don’t hold off on sale orders to save shipping costs.

And secondly –  what you wont see in the sales is: Sand and Core Pictures.  We don’t put these in the sale as we know that people spread their purchases over the months, depending on what money they have that month, and also because we know that people want to be active in as many months as possible.

So now you know what to expect – enjoy the sales!!


Black Friday News & Offers – Stop!  Newsflash!!

Black Friday News & Offers – Stop! Newsflash!!

Black Friday is coming!  It’s all over social media. Offers, Discounts – argh!!!

So what is Kids Bee Happy doing for Black Friday?  Well firstly let me tell what we’re not doing.


We’re not doing big headline massive grabbing discounts, and we’d like to advise you that you shouldn’t be doing this really either – and here’s why.   When you see those offers that say 70% off its important to remember that it actually means 70% of the very expensive price that was charged for a few days in only a few of their stores – rather than 70% of the actual real price that most consumers would have bought it at over the last few months.

Top Tip – As you’re selling a good product at a very fair price all of the time, if you do the silly discounts, you’ll be selling for no profit.  So don’t be worried that you haven’t got a big Black Friday massive discount – tell your customers that instead you choose to offer good value for money prices all year round rather than hike your prices, and then give fake discounts.


We’re not doing top secret, confidential, not telling you til midnight on Thursday deals because these don’t help anyone.  Everyone knows that the last payday before Christmas tends to have a lot of expectation on it anyway, and so keeping everything secret, and not letting people plan or prepare, doesn’t really help anyone.  So, we will be telling you what our offers will be and they will be valid for a week, so that you time to decide that you want to take advantage of them – or not.


For Unique Items – you should read “some really weird brand that no-one’s ever heard of, but if stick up online reduced down from an articifically stupid high price, people will think that it’s an “exclusive” item rather than something that’s been left over with one of our wholesalers. – so yeah – we’re not doing those either.


Having only a few of these deals available to only a tiny number of customers means that the majority of customers wont get the deal.  Now that’s not very fair.  And not very nice.  It might create a panic, but the majority of your customers will be left out.  Not the way to make your customers feel appreciated and wanted.  So, the products that we have discounts on will have lots of stocks, so that lots of consultants can take advantage of them if they wish.


We know from past experience that actually consultants like to spread their purchases over the year, to stock up quietly and bit by bit as they need it and to match their purchases with their sales.  So our offers will be on a few small ranges, on things that will actually help your business grow.

So, now we’ve told you what we’re not doing, time to tell you what we are doing:

Black Friday Offers  (Monday 20th November – Sunday 26th November)

  • Magnet Sheets – 50% Off – That means you get a magnet for less than 3p!  Yes 3p!!  What a great way to add value to your customers pictures.  Haven’t tried them yet – shame on you!  Well you’ve no excuse now, so get some!
  • Buy 500 Business Cards and get 1500 Free – Yes 1500 Free.  2000 Business cards for £30, or a penny and a half each.  At that price you can really afford to distribute them liberally wherever you go, you can leave a whole Hansel and Gretal style trail!  Don’t have business cards yet – why not??
  • DOUBLE POINTS on the New 2018 Join My Team Mini Roller Banner.  Cost £20 – get 40 Points!
  • Free Christmas Competitions Cards with every order placed during the period.

So, as they say in Scotland – that’s us 😉

But please, remember that Black Friday is 90% marketing gimmick, and that all those big companies aren’t really giving away all those products for nothing.  Make sure that when you’re setting your own discounts and offers (and please don’t feel that you have to) remember to check your prices and make sure that you are still making profits.  Be a leader, not a follower.

STOP!  Are you a consultant who hasn’t yet started your Kids Bee Happy Business? – then this is for YOU!

STOP! Are you a consultant who hasn’t yet started your Kids Bee Happy Business? – then this is for YOU!

We know that sometimes life just gets in the way, so if you have signed up for Kids Bee Happy, if you are a registered consultant, but have not actually taken the step yet and started your business, our conference is just for you.   As well as covering all of the topics that matter to people who are growing their business, we’ve also got a second stream of workshops specifically for people who we know want to start their business, but don’t know where to start.

Conference day will become day 1 of your active business, as we’ll sit down with you, we’ll identify whats been stopping you, and putting together a plan to get you going – and then we’re going to start it – then and there at conference, and importantly with our help and guidance.

So, invest £35 today in your future, and lets get your Kids Bee Happy business off the ground.

Bear Club now available in your Online Store

Bear Club now available in your Online Store

Kids Bee Happy is delighted to announce that the Bear Club bears are now available for your customers to purchase directly from your online shop.   Please remember though that when customers buy directly from us we need to add VAT and delivery on top, so we have put in great big letters that customers are always best to contact their individual consultants first.

(PS Remember if you want to see your online store, and see what customers see, that you need to log out of your website – and maybe even clear your cookies.)

Launching the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club

Launching the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club

The perfect way to expand your Kids Party Business

We are delight to announce that Kids Bee Happy is launching our very own Bear Club.  From 1 September all of our wonderful local consultants, all over the UK, will be also be able to offer UK and Irish children and families make a bear workshops, parties and activities, alongside our already popular sand art.

Kids Bee Happy is the UK’s only direct sales company that provides kids activities and parties, which means that it really is the flexible work from home business that the whole family can get involved in.

“We are very proud to be adding the Kids Bee Happy Bear Club into our product range” said Sandra Patterson, Managing Director of Kids Bee Happy.  “Children love making their own teddy bears, but for many families its costly and difficult because of where they live.   As Kids Bee Happy has a network of over 300 local consultants covering the whole of the UK, it really does mean that we can help all children have their very own bear party, wherever they want, whether they are in the Sicily Isles or the Orkney Isles.”

“Parents pay one all inclusive price, and includes not only the bear, and all you need to make it, but also a hoodie or a tee shirt for the bear for the kids to decorate themselves, plus all the little things like wishing stars, and birth certificates, that make it all so special for the children, and all of the bears are the same price, making it nice and certain for the adults too”.

The Kids Bee Happy bear club products are available to all registered consultants, and anyone who wants to start their own Kids Bee Happy business can do so by joining up as an independent consultant on our website http://sales.kidsbeehappy.com.  When consultants join everyone is added to a team, where a local team leader and fellow consultants are all on hand offering help, tips and knowledge, mentoring support and advice to really help you start and grow your business.

“Kids Bee Happy already provide their Independent Consultants with an amazing product that works well in different settings with Sand Art. Now they are adding in another great product that is just as exciting, Bear Club! I’m excited to add it to my business & be able to offer both to my customers.” said Maddi Rowley, one of Kids Bee Happy’s team leaders based in Berkshire, “It’s reassuring & rewarding to represent a company that prides themselves on quality.”

Direct sales is a great way for many UK families to top up their incomes, as household bills continue their steady increase, being able to earn an extra £100 per week by simply doing 1 or 2 parties or events makes a real impact to a families income.  People can start and grow their business at the pace they feel comfortable with, and full training is given so no previous experience is necessary.

“I just love these bears” continued Sandra.  “I’ve had them sitting on my desk for the past few months as we’ve been busy preparing to launch them into the network, and they have become familiar faces, I even know them all by name now too.   I can’t wait to see the excitement and pleasure that our Bear Club workshops and parties will bring to families all over the UK”