Visit Kids Bee Happy at BWiA 2017 London 22 November

Visit Kids Bee Happy at BWiA 2017 London 22 November

Did you know that November is the month that most people think about starting their own business?

Why don’t you join Kids Bee Happy at the Business Women in Action event in London on Wednesday 22nd November.  A great day to meet and network with other business women.  Our Founder – Sandra Patterson – will be on hand all day long to answer questions about Kids Bee Happy and how a Direct Sales business with Kids Bee Happy can put money in your pocket, whilst also having a business that you enjoy and can work with your family.

BWiA 2017 is at RBS Liverpool Street, a fantastic venue, and not even 2 minutes away from Liverpool Street train station so very easy to get to too.  Throughout the day there will be a whole host of speakers all there to give expert advice on all aspects of starting and running a business.  So if you’ve not yet started a business, and you just want more information and guidance on what to do and how to do it this day will really help you too.

So whether you have a growing business, a Kids Bee Happy one already, or perhaps your own business and you’re looking for opportunities to add on, or whether you’re thinking about your first business, come and visit us on Wednesday 22nd November in London.

And if you send me an email to we’ll even send you a discount code so you can get your ticket at an exclusive KBH discounted rate 🙂   Bargain!  What are you waiting for?


Are you nervous about meeting new people?

Are you nervous about meeting new people?

As I’m busy sat here finalising the agenda for Conference, a lovely blog post came through my inbox called Comfortable Networking for Introverts, which has lots of helpful tips for introverts who don’t normally do networking or conferences, on how to take the anxiety out of the day.

If you’ve already bought your conference ticket you’ll know that this year we’re having a pre-conference social, a chance to get to know eachother, with a glass or wine (or soft drink!), before the main event kicks off.  At Kids Bee Happy we’re lucky that we have such a lovely family atmosphere, but even with all of this we still have lots of consultants who haven’t met consultants outside of their team, and some who might not ever have met anyone else in “real life”.  And so on Friday night we’ve got a lovely opportunity just to meet, chat and get to know each other better, so that when we get into main day the one thing that everyone will have in common is that they will know lots of other people in the room.

If you want to read Lucia’s post on Comfortable Networking, it’s here – meantime –  I’m looking forward to meeting you next Friday.

STOP!  Are you a consultant who hasn’t yet started your Kids Bee Happy Business? – then this is for YOU!

STOP! Are you a consultant who hasn’t yet started your Kids Bee Happy Business? – then this is for YOU!

We know that sometimes life just gets in the way, so if you have signed up for Kids Bee Happy, if you are a registered consultant, but have not actually taken the step yet and started your business, our conference is just for you.   As well as covering all of the topics that matter to people who are growing their business, we’ve also got a second stream of workshops specifically for people who we know want to start their business, but don’t know where to start.

Conference day will become day 1 of your active business, as we’ll sit down with you, we’ll identify whats been stopping you, and putting together a plan to get you going – and then we’re going to start it – then and there at conference, and importantly with our help and guidance.

So, invest £35 today in your future, and lets get your Kids Bee Happy business off the ground.

Conference Speaker Announcement – House of Colour – Melanie Taylor

A good few years back I attended a workshop held by the House of Colour, and it was one of the most interesting training sessions that I have ever visited, at the time I was working in Industry as an Business Consultant, and frequently ended up being the only woman in the middle of a power fight between a bunch of men.  My favourite suit was red, with a white shirt, and black shoes, black watch – and this was my “kick ass” outfit.  So, it was fascinating to discover with the house of colour, that this magic combination of Red, Black and White was effectively a declaration of war, which yelled “Fight!” to everyone who had the pleasure of bumping into me that day.

So, what was happening without me even realising it, was that the colours that I was wearing were communicating a message, a sentiment, even characteristics to others.   We’ve all heard about the “trust” colour of blue – and if you were anything like me you might have noticed that Theresa May approached all her big recent confrontations in her red suit.

Melanie Taylor from House of Colour will be a guest speaker at the conference to give you tips on how to use colour, clothes and makeup to give you ammunition and confidence, dressing to suit you and give you that extra boost and create that wow.

Conference Speaker Announcement

At the end of 2016 Kids Bee Happy sent out a training questionnaire to all of our direct sales consultants asking you what type of training resources, information and help you would like to help you grow your business.   Surprisingly, social media help was the top request by far, you see, although everyone regularly used facebook, twitteror instagram for their own personal use, using it to harness business, to capture, excite and engage customers was something completely different.

So, we are very pleased to response that our first speak will be addressing this head on, and as it’s Google we will definitely be learning from the masters. This session on how to reach, attract and engage new customers for your direct sales business using Social Media will be an absolute must for everyone.