Visit Kids Bee Happy at BWiA 2017 London 22 November

Visit Kids Bee Happy at BWiA 2017 London 22 November

Did you know that November is the month that most people think about starting their own business?

Why don’t you join Kids Bee Happy at the Business Women in Action event in London on Wednesday 22nd November.  A great day to meet and network with other business women.  Our Founder – Sandra Patterson – will be on hand all day long to answer questions about Kids Bee Happy and how a Direct Sales business with Kids Bee Happy can put money in your pocket, whilst also having a business that you enjoy and can work with your family.

BWiA 2017 is at RBS Liverpool Street, a fantastic venue, and not even 2 minutes away from Liverpool Street train station so very easy to get to too.  Throughout the day there will be a whole host of speakers all there to give expert advice on all aspects of starting and running a business.  So if you’ve not yet started a business, and you just want more information and guidance on what to do and how to do it this day will really help you too.

So whether you have a growing business, a Kids Bee Happy one already, or perhaps your own business and you’re looking for opportunities to add on, or whether you’re thinking about your first business, come and visit us on Wednesday 22nd November in London.

And if you send me an email to we’ll even send you a discount code so you can get your ticket at an exclusive KBH discounted rate 🙂   Bargain!  What are you waiting for?


Conference Speaker Announcement

At the end of 2016 Kids Bee Happy sent out a training questionnaire to all of our direct sales consultants asking you what type of training resources, information and help you would like to help you grow your business.   Surprisingly, social media help was the top request by far, you see, although everyone regularly used facebook, twitteror instagram for their own personal use, using it to harness business, to capture, excite and engage customers was something completely different.

So, we are very pleased to response that our first speak will be addressing this head on, and as it’s Google we will definitely be learning from the masters. This session on how to reach, attract and engage new customers for your direct sales business using Social Media will be an absolute must for everyone.

Birmingham Franchise show shows high demand for Low Cost Franchises

We took some time out on Friday to visit the BFA’s franchise show at Birmingham’s NEC, and to catch up with Ben at Franchise Direct, who has just started promoting Kids Bee Happy on their franchise website.

One of the themes that stood out for me most this year’s franchise show was the increase in popularity of the Low Cost Franchise.  The show showed clear signals that potential franchisees do not have the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend on the big name franchises.  Some franchises that were selling last year for £80,000 were selling instead for £40,000, that’s a pretty big drop, and one that’s bound to upset franchisees that had joined them this year.  Other big names such as McDonalds were showing off smaller stands, maintaining their presence, but at the same time admitting that the show was unlikely any new franchisees.

However the show did seem to show an increase in a trend for Low Cost Franchises, a new seminar introduced this year discussing the demand for franchises costing less than £6000 was one of the highest attended seminars of the day.

All of this bodes well for us here at Kids Bee Happy.  Talking to industry experts and hearing confirmation that our franchise package is extremely right for the current economic climate, and that with a price of £2495+vat its is one of the most value for money franchises out there.  Looking around at other franchises available across the different industries we see many that are charging up to ten times the initial price and promising no higher revenues, and instead even requiring franchisees to have a good stash of working capital in the bank to fund marketing.

It also reinforces the importance to us of clear up front pricing, and no “hidden” fees in the form on monthly marketing, monthly management or royalty fees.  I am continually surprised by how a franchise cost can double once all the small print costs have been added on.  The best I saw was a photographic franchise which advertised itself at £1500, but then required you to have photographic equipment (supplied by them) that cost an additional £27k, and £10k working capital, and in addition charged a £350pm management fee, and a 10% royalty.  That’s hardly low cost.

For a genuinely low cost franchise – talk to us at Kids Bee Happy.

Kids Bee Happy at the Ayrshire Business Showcase

Ayrshire and Arran Business Week

It looks like its going to be a busy week for the Kids Bee Happy crew at the Ayrshire and Arran Chamber of Commerce annual business week.  At last year’s events Kids Bee Happy was simply a collection of ideas, plans and paperwork and its now live and living and already getting national accreditation at the Mumpreneur UK awards last month.

Its been an interesting journey getting here, but this year, we’ll be exhibiting at the Show at the Ayr Racecourse on Tuesday, and as its during office hours you grown ups can come along and have a go making Sand Art pictures safe in the knowledge that there are no children watching.

The Altrincham & Sale’s Chamber’s show in July was where we launched our first franchisee, and on that particular day, the customer were all grown ups.

And as a special thank you to all of the support and advice to all our the Chamber, and fellow Ayrshire and Arran businesses, there will be a 15% discount for all bookings made at the show.


I Can beats IQ – or How to get a 1 tonne washing machine down 2 flights of stairs

Business advice from one of the UK’s top Entrepreneurs

At the Ayrshire Chamber Show yesterday Tom Hunter spoke to local business people and he confessed one of his favourite sayings is “I can, beats IQ”, and I have to admit that I like that!

It reminded me of many conversations that I’d listened to between my husband and his customers when he’d had his house clearance company, and a customer had ask him to clear out a some mammoth property with decades load of rubbish, located up a towpath with no vehicular access.

“Yes, we can do that for you, no-problem” he would merrily say to the customer, he’d take the details, talk with the customer, and then promise to phone them back in half an hour with a proposal (which he always did).

It was this “I Can” attitude that repeatedly won him contracts over and over again.  Good contracts, where usually he wasn’t the cheapest bidder.   And it is this attitude that managed to get a 1 tonne washing machine down 2 flights of stairs.

Yesterday, Tom Hunter was talking about how this attitude is important in business, and why its important all the way through your organisation.  Not simply the people in management, or in customer service, but all the way down to the box fillers and tea-makers.   And it’s this attitude that will determine whether or not your businesses grows, and whether or not a business sinks or rises during this recession.

I believe very strongly that what you achieve in life is pretty much determined by how much effort you put into it.  That you can have IQ and intellect by the bucket-load, but if you don’t know how to apply it, and don’t have the discipline to apply it, then you’re unlikely to achieve your desired results.  In life there are observers and participators, and simply having a high IQ doesn’t mean that you’re going to change the world.  Having heart, enthusiasm and passion does though.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking about starting up your own business, and are worried that you don’t know all there is to know, and don’t have all the necessary skills or qualifications, don’t let that stop you.  In this wonderful multimedia world that we live in information is only ever a click away.  If you have the heart, the passion, the “I Can” attitude, then your business has the best possible start in life.