Visit Kids Bee Happy at BWiA 2017 London 22 November

Visit Kids Bee Happy at BWiA 2017 London 22 November

Did you know that November is the month that most people think about starting their own business?

Why don’t you join Kids Bee Happy at the Business Women in Action event in London on Wednesday 22nd November.  A great day to meet and network with other business women.  Our Founder – Sandra Patterson – will be on hand all day long to answer questions about Kids Bee Happy and how a Direct Sales business with Kids Bee Happy can put money in your pocket, whilst also having a business that you enjoy and can work with your family.

BWiA 2017 is at RBS Liverpool Street, a fantastic venue, and not even 2 minutes away from Liverpool Street train station so very easy to get to too.  Throughout the day there will be a whole host of speakers all there to give expert advice on all aspects of starting and running a business.  So if you’ve not yet started a business, and you just want more information and guidance on what to do and how to do it this day will really help you too.

So whether you have a growing business, a Kids Bee Happy one already, or perhaps your own business and you’re looking for opportunities to add on, or whether you’re thinking about your first business, come and visit us on Wednesday 22nd November in London.

And if you send me an email to we’ll even send you a discount code so you can get your ticket at an exclusive KBH discounted rate 🙂   Bargain!  What are you waiting for?


My Experiences of Britmums Live


Britmums Live 2012 – I’m a mummyblogger and Proud!

I have just returned from the Brtimums Live conference down in London, and I have to say that it’s been one of the most amazingly motivating events that i’ve ever attended.

The thing that made the event for me was the opportunity was to talk to so many wonderful people.  As a SAHWM (Stay at home working mum) i’ve spent a lot of time sitting in home offices all on my lonesome and as a business owner that can sometimes be a difficult thing.

When you have a business that interacts face to face with its customers on a daily basis you can read all of the messages that they don’t verbalise.  You can read body language, you can accurately gauge interest (or disinterest), you can ask the questions proactively (instead of answering them reactively).  When you’re online and home office, all of that is so much harder.  So I attended Britmums Live as a brand, with the objective of getting out there and meeting some of my target customer group – Mums.  There are lots of places that I can go to meet mums, many local and many free, however, I saw Britmumslive as a chance to meet the kind of mums who are used to giving open honest feedback, who willingly and habitually share their opinions and experiences.

My impressions from the Britmums website and Twitter was that the #britmumslive followers were a good bunch.  Friendly, open, warm, and helpful, with an underlyingly wicked sense of humour.  And I was not disappointed.  As any mum who has ever been at a school gate will tell you, mums can sometimes be quite difficult and prickly people to connect with – but not at Britmums, where conversations are continually started with complete strangers who have a genuine interest in you and your blog.

Where else can you respond to random tweet saying “Fancy going for dinner?” and end up spending a relaxed enjoyable dinner with wonderful people who hadn’t even met just a few minutes before.

What I wasn’t prepared for however was the humanity.  The highlight for me of the conference being the very last session where the roll of honour blog posts were read aloud by their authors.  @Downssideup completely reducing me to tears with her open honesty  @MinistryofMum also reducing me to tears of laughter with the “Stop, drop and roll” manoeuvre (which has also made an appearance in our house),  @Ellen27 who so rightly told all us mothers to stop beating ourselves over the head with that big stick of guilt, and to remind ourselves that actually we’re doing a pretty good job.  Plus all of the others.  I can honestly say I enjoyed absolutely every second of that blogroll of honour.

So, next year Britmums Live will again be an important date in my diary.  A weekend that reminds me that actually i’m a part of one of the best groups there can be – a Britmum.

How many hats??!!

This week has been an interesting week.

I mentally think of being a small business owner as wearing different hats, here’s a few that I’ve pulled out of the cupboard this week;

My Brown Manky Woolly Hat – this would be the accounting hat.  Despite training as a Chartered Accountant I have absolutely NO love of the boring drudgery involved with inputting receipts and payments into an accounting system.  The only joy that I can find from doing this is that I have a little bit of satisfaction at the end of the year knowing that it done.  But this week is the first week of the month, and If i’m good, and I do this now, I know that it will make things easier.

My Glamourous Stephen Jones Hat – We are doing some filming at the business startup show in London later this month, and so, I’ve had to do a bit of a rare and strange thing (for me) which is give 15 minutes thought to things like buying some new makeup and booking a haircut.  I currently have absolutely no idea of what I’ll say or do on film, but I do know that I will not condemn myself for the next couple of years to looking at filming of me with a haircut that Shaggy from Scooby Doo would be embarrassed of.

My Beanie  – well I don’t really have a beanie.  I do however have a teenage stepdaughter who has occupied several of my evenings this week on IM.  Always glad to talk, although it does tend to remind me that my beanie wearing days are long past.

My Witches Hat – well, it was Halloween, wasn’t it!  We had a great night, best bit was taking a bunch of giggling children on a walk up a spooky tree lined lane with no streetlights in the dark.  Although, my hubby might disagree, he might be tempted to say that I’ve been wearing that hat most of the working day whilst screaming at him all the things that need doing before deadlines. (I think that this week its probably been a very good thing that I no longer have to work in an office with other people 🙂 )

My Hardhat – The main battle this week has been with the deep deep frustration that everything I have done has taken three times longer than normal, and is 10 times as hard.  This all started late one night when I asked hubby to shut down the PC before bed, and unfortunately the Hard Drive blew.  The good news is that Lenovo provide excellent backup support, whisked it off, fixed it and returned it, but the downside was working off a netbook and gmail for a week.  I have developed this strange hunchback from sitting peering into a computer screen the size of a small paperback book, and I am completely unable to write an email now without swearing.  I am sure that there is now a very round shaped hole in the desk from where I kept banging my head against it.

But now it’s Friday, I can say with confidence that the only hat I’ll be wearing this weekend is my mummy hat, perhaps with a scarf and some wellie boots, because its family, fireworks and autumn outdoors for me this weekend.