50% More Consultants on track to win a Winter Incentive this year

50% More Consultants on track to win a Winter Incentive this year

This time last year we were busy deciding the winner for the 2016 Winter Incentive – 15 people won a place on the Spa break – 5 top sales, 5 top team builders, and 5 Head Office heros.

And today I am busy preparing for the Team Leaders meeting, and I am so delighted to see that this year, twice as many consultants will will a winter incentive.  12 lucky consultants have already secured a wonderful day out for their family at a Merlin Theme park of their choice, and I am so very happy about this.  When we talk to our consultants, the one thing that comes through strongest in all the conversations is that some many of you are doing Kids Bee Happy for your families – for some extra income yes, but also for the extra skills and experience too, and to build a proper business.

So a shout out to Jennifer O’Hanlon, Michelle Munt, Kate Fletcher, Louise Padmore, and Vicky Gregory who have not only already won their Theme Park tickets, but who are also in with a good chance of adding a hotel stay onto that family day trip, or escaping on a cottage weekend.

And another shout out to Lauren Samson, Karen Ord, Claire Rothwell, Dina Emmons, Adele Emmerson-Ryan, Martin Fearnley, and Katy Reed

And as our Winter Incentive period is still running, we have another 7 people who if they are simply active in January and February will also win their Family Theme Park tickets, and then another 6 people who are so close, they just need to be active and a little bit more to win the prize.  I’m not going to tell you who you are right now (just to build the suspense and tension) – but your leaders have a list.

And this is what makes me happy – giving away prizes – so Remember – there are still 2 months left of the Winter Incentive period, so everyone is in with a chance of winning a prize for their family too.

Kids Bee Happy Top 10% Month of December

Kids Bee Happy Top 10% Month of December

It’s time to give recognition to those people who have reached the top for Top Sales for the Month of December

This is always such a wonderful recognition, because its open to everyone, whether you’ve just started your Kids Bee Happy business or you’ve been with us since the very beginning.  I also love the geographical spread that this list covers.

Winners in Top Sales order for the month:

  • Kate Fletcher
  • Jennifer O’Hanlon
  • Dina Emmons
  • Danielle Hill
  • Vicky Gregory
  • Claire Rothwell
  • Sandy Randall
  • Angelika Davis
  • David Rainford
  • Leone Edwards
  • Madelaine Rowley
  • Martin Fearnley
  • Helen Gibb
  • Adele Emmerson-Ryan
  • Nikki Foote
  • Darren Jackson
  • Lisa Champion
  • Suzanne Wight
  • Emma Turney
  • Amie Jones
  • Lyn Bunker
  • Jennifer Kernan
  • Vanessa Brooks
  • Lauren Samson
  • Caroline Thompson
  • Veronika Barnes
  • Isla Duncan
  • Suzi Waddell
  • Christine Bennett
  • Shelley Bell
Kids Bee Happy Top 5% Year to December

Kids Bee Happy Top 5% Year to December

It’s time to give recognition to those people who are consistently giving their all to Kids Bee Happy, and whose continue efforts over the past 12 months have put them into the top 5%.

Once again, its great to see that these winners include a mix of people who are team builders and a people who are just focused on their own Kids Bee Happy business.  Once again proving that unlike other direct sales company you can have a really good strong business without the need to teambuild.

Winners in Alphabetical Order:

Adele Emmerson-Ryan
Caroline Doran
Christine Bennett
Claire Rothwell
Debbie Todd
Jennifer O’Hanlon
judith smurthwaite
Karen Ord
Katy Reed
Lauren Samson
Lyn Bunker
Suzi Waddell
Tanya Taylor
Vicky Gregory



Congratulations to Adele and Tanya making it onto our top 5% list, Keep up the good work!

Welcome to the Kids Bee Happy Sales

If this is your first New Year with Kids Bee Happy then let me introduce to you the Kids Bee Happy sale – everyyear we follow a set pattern so that people know what to expect, and importantly know when to buy what they need and what they can expect to see in the sales.

So, firstly – what you will see – You will see special offers and discounts on products that will help you grow your business.  These may be bulk packs of none-core pictures, they will include marketing materials, and products that we’re looking to move out of the warehouse.    Each week we will list a new sale promotion, and it will be active for 7-10 days.  There will be limited stocks available in the sale promotion, and so when a sale period ends it can’t be extended.  It may also finish early if we sell out of the sale stocks.

We will be running the sales promotions throughout the whole of January and most of February.   All sale promotions will be announced on the Sand Art facbook page, and will be shared into your team pages.

There will always be a 30-50% saving, so if you want to order the products, order early, don’t wait – you will always be saving a lot more than the £4 postage so don’t hold off on sale orders to save shipping costs.

And secondly –  what you wont see in the sales is: Sand and Core Pictures.  We don’t put these in the sale as we know that people spread their purchases over the months, depending on what money they have that month, and also because we know that people want to be active in as many months as possible.

So now you know what to expect – enjoy the sales!!


The Big Family Day Out!

The Big Family Day Out!

As we approach the half way point of our Winter Incentive,  Congratulations to 7 consultants who have already won Stage 1, and a big family dayout ticket for a Merlin Theme Park of their choice.

Many many congratulations to:

Jennifer O’Hanlon
Michelle Munt
Louise Padmore
Kate Fletcher
Vicky Gregory
Karen Ord
Martin Fearnley

And we have another group of Consultants who are powering their way to win their incentive prize too, well done to everyone listed below – you are over half way there already – so of you are very very very close!

Adele Emmerson-Ryan
Lauren Samson
Claire Rothwell
Judith Smurthwaite
Cindy Reay McLean
Madelaine Rowley
Karly Sanderson
Isla Duncan
Christine Bennett
Katy Reed
Dina Emmons
Suzanne Wight
Jody Goode
Louise Hawley
Katie Dawes
Angelika Davis
Lyn Bunker
Darren Jackson
Allison Greig
Suzi Waddell
Danielle Hill
Christine Roberts
Emma Turney
Jennifer Kernan
Shelley Brown
Elizabeth Maskell
Caroline Doran
Elizabeth Shipp
Gemma McCallum
Lynn Bramley
Lucy Galloway
Tara Hopkins