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August Newsletter

by | 01/08/2016 | KBH News, Uncategorized

” Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, Anyone can start from now and make a new ending”


I love the though of new beginnings, don’t you? So many opportunities. This month seems even more special than normal because it is the final full month before our Celebratory Conference which is the first in the companies history so a very special day to be treasured.

But, before we look forward we need to celebrate July and all the amazing things you achieved.


Top Sales  🍾

  1. Claire Rothwell

2.Louise Hawley

  1. James Fleming


Top Recruits   🍾

  1. Stacey Smith

2.Christine Bennett

  1. James Flemming


Top Teams  🤗

  1. Bee Awesome
  2. Hunny Potts

3.Katy’s Kreatives


Top Business Buliders  🍾

1 Katy Reed

2.Yvonne Johnson

  1. Lauren Samson



Top Activity   🤗

Arbees Barmy Army


Huge congratulations to you all and we also need to celebrate our new Business Builder

Sandra Constantopoulus

and our 2 new Team Leaders,

Michelle Warren







A huge round of applause too for those of you who will get your £20  this month towards even bigger profits.



Claire Rothwell, Louise Hawley, James Flemming, Christine Bennett, Sarah Clarke, Vikki Robb, Maddi Rowley, Lauren Samson, Yvonne Johnson, Michelle Warren, Katy Reed, Hannah Healey, Claire Sealy, Suzi Waddell, Louise Brammels, Elsie Humphries, Suzanne Searle, Susan Kirkham, Lyn Bunker, Roberto Luna, Debbie Todd, Sarah Wadsworth,Elizabeth Ship, Chris Kernan, Stacey Smith, Hayley Rutherford, Jennifer O’Hanlon, Clare Dervan, Julie Thompson, Janr Gregson, Kelly Farndon, Alana Exton, Karine Wake, Jody Goode, Craig Wake, Alison Taylor, Claire Carter, Gem McCallum, Saba Mahmood, Emma Spencer, Louise Cuthbertson, Samantha Donnell, Gary Williams, Olumbumi Taiwo, Julie Foster, Elizabeth Maskell, Claire Lomas, Cheryl Watts



Our featured consultant of the month is Katy Reed and this is her inspirational story.




I am Katy and I am a business builder. I live in Croydon (Surrey/Kent/South London border) with my husband and 2 little boys James and Tommy aged 4 and 3.


I joined KBH in May last year. I had seen it online and thought it sounded great and that I would like to have a go myself. I joined purely for the discount and never imagined I would be running a business doing this.


I was made redundant in June 2014, just 10 weeks after returning from maternity leave after having my 2nd son. I decided to take this as an opportunity to retrain and do something I would enjoy. I trained to be a life coach. I loved helping people to realise their dreams. I quickly found that I was mainly working with mothers returning to work, which suited me well as I had been there myself. Unfortunately in December 2014 I lost a baby in pregnancy and could not face working with the mothers with babies, so took a break from coaching. I kept saying I would start again on certain dates, but I just couldn’t face it.


In May 2015 I found KBH. At first it was just for me, then for my boys (Tommy was just 2 and loved it and James was 3 and quickly learned to complete the pictures himself). I told friends about the pictures and they wanted to try some, and before I knew it I was getting enquiries and bookings for events and running a business.


In August 2015 I had to refuse 7 events over 2 weekends as I could not cover them myself. At this point I started to recruit a team to help me. The problem was, I seemed to be able to find people all over the country, but it took me almost 2 months to find my first local lady to help me.


In September I became Senior Consultant, in October I became Team Leader and in November I became Senior Team Leader. I had also been top for sales in October.


In May this year I became one of the first two Business Builders for the company. I could never have done this without my team and the wonderful Yvonne who also became a Team Leader and Business Builder this year.


I now run a weekly workshop at a play cafe near me. During school holidays I also run activities at 2 cafes. There isn’t a single weekend where there isn’t an event to go to if I wish.



My tips for anyone new starting out:

Go for it – book that first event. If you can’t find one locally then set up your own, either in a hall or in your house/garden for friends.

Don’t feel you need to have everything all in one go; speak to your team leader and they will help you choose the essentials you need to get started, then use the profit you make to invest in more pictures and equipment.

Tell all your friends. We offer an amazing product – bet you wish someone had told you about it sooner??

Know your value and that of the product. We offer a premium product, so offering it too cheaply lowers the value of it. You are worth it and if you don’t make a profit, what will you have to invest in building your business?

Make sure you have all the important events planned in your diary. I have already been offered 3 events for 26th November, which is the day I plan to do my son’s 5th birthday party. It’s in my diary, so I knew straight away when I was asked that I couldn’t do the events (I have passed them on, of course).

If you are offered an event you can’t do, tell your team leader. We may be able to find someone else who can. Having someone out there showing the products means that when you are next at that event everyone will know the product and come rushing to you to complete a picture.

Most importantly: know your product. Try some of each of the pictures; understand how they work and the differences between the types of pictures. Take pictures of you and your children doing them. Knowing the product and telling people how much fun it was will mean they will be intrigued and want to try themselves.


This is such a great business. Never before have I worked for a company where people come looking for you for bookings. We get paid to make children smile – what better job could there be?


I’ve never worked for a company where everyone works together and supports each other in the way that everyone at KBH does – it is truly unique.


The leaders’ conference in January was AMAZING! Finding out about the Disney launch was so exciting. I’ve heard just a small amount of what Sally and Sandra have planned for us at the Celebratory Conference in September – it is going to be even better. I can’t wait to be there and meet you all and experience it together.

Thanks for sharing Katy and thank you so much for mentioning Conference because..Guess what ??? The last part of the letter is all about CONFERENCE……………….


For those of you who have never been to a conference and think of them as dull and boring, you couldn’t be more wrong. The KBH Celebratory Conference, will be Inspirational, Innovative, Fun and Emotional so for those of you who still need to get your tickets ( and don’t forget we would love you to bring a friend or someone interested in the business so to make it special  there is a special bring a friend ticket price) and perhaps you would like to stay over at a reduced rate this is the link you will need.


I am now really proud to announce that we are adding a special category of award at conference to run alongside the on stage recognition for top sales, top recruits, top team, top business Builder.

This one is personal and means that YOU choose who YOU want to be recognised.

The award is for The KBH 2016 Guiding Star

We would like you to go to the following link and tell us who you would like to nominate for this award. it will be the person who has inspired you to move your business forward, who has changed your thinking, who has given you confidence, a helping hand, made you laugh when you were sad. Someone who has made a difference in your life. The voting is completely private and is seen only by HO so it will be a Huge surprise on the day of Conference so get thinking and voting by going to this link.


And finally, as you have probably guessed this months incentive is Conference related.

There is another chance for you ALL to go into another Conference draw to win one of 3 prizes to be drawn at Conference.

Anyone who achieves 250 points during August will go into a draw to win  one of the 3 prizes of  £100 of free pictures… we definitely are the company that keeps on giving aren’t we???

What a great start to the Autumn and winter season.:)


So let’s start this month with  bang and make sure we reap the rewards that August will bring and don’t forget

” It’s never too late to become what you might have been”