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Are you making smart goals?

by | 28/02/2017 | Balancing Family and Business, Doing Business, Leadership, Uncategorized

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you set goals and it worked really well, your goals were clear, you knew what you were doing and you achieved everything you set out to. And then another time, the whole thing just didn’t work quite as well, and you can’t really put your finger on why?

Many people, and leaders, use goal setting as a way to plan a clear path of what it is that they would like to acheive with their business.  But goals have to be set right to work right.

The is one sure fire way to set goals that work everytime, they need to be SMART goals – and they all have these 5 key elements@


S Specific You need to be clear exactly what it is that is your want to achieve.
M Measurable You should be able to measure success or failure, or how far through the task you are.
A Attainable It should be something that can be done.
R Relevant It should help towards the bigger objective of what you want to achieve.
T Time Bound There should be a time limit, so your goal can’t role on indefinitely.


Example of a bad goal:

“I want to increase my social media profile”

Why is it bad:  how do you measure “increase” mean?  What is your “social media profile”?- its not specific.  On what platform – is it where your customers are? – if not, its not relevant.  By when?


Example of a smart goal:

“I want to improve my facebook posts so that, by the end of next month, each of my business post gets at least 5 likes, comments or shares”

Why is it good:  It’s identified a specific platform, it has a measurable target, it is attainable (if it had been 100 likes, then it probably wouldn’t be attainable), it is relevant because it means more people are consistently engaging with my posts, and i’ve identified that Facebook is where my customers are, and I have given myself a timeframe to get it sorted in.


So, every time you talk to a team member about their goals, and everytime that you think about your own goals, remember to make them SMART.

It’s a very simple framework, easy to remember, it is works, and and using it quickly develops into a habit that you don’t even realise that you do.