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2018 Conference

by | 01/11/2018 | KBH News

October 13th 2018 was a special day as is marked Kids Bee Happy’s 2018 conference. There was awards, Sand Art, Dancing, Bowling, Food, Drinks you name it! Everyone seemed to have a blast at the conference.

It started off with a talk from the one and only Sandra Patterson.

Following Sandra’s talk there was a small group activity, each group worked hard in completing the task at hand. Seeing each group working together and communicating was amazing to watch.

Once everyone had completed their group work there was a short interval with some delicious food brought out by the staff who worked at there, miniature burgers were the main attraction so its not surprising that they didn’t last very long!

Once every last crumb was scooped up everyone sat down with their pens and notepads at the ready because Sandra and Andrea were about to drop some useful knowledge. Everyone listened carefully and scribbled down everything that they had to say.

Damon and Iain set up a quick little demonstration of what a successful Kids Bee Happy party should look like, they got everyone involved, as soon as Damon played the music everyone turned into 6 year olds and started dancing away!

It was so fun even the staff at the venue couldn’t resist joining in!

Once everyone got all the dancing and craziness out of their system it was the perfect time to relax with some Sand Art.. However, when we announced that there was going to be a prize for the best picture, things got a little competitive.

With the event almost at a close everyone took their competitive sides to the bowling alley and split up in teams of 6 to compete against each other to see who were the better bowlers! With a cocktail in one hand and a bowling ball in the other, each team tried their hardest to bowl strike after strike in an intense battle to knock over as many skittles as they possibly could!

Now with everyone all bowled out it was time for everyone’s favourite part, award time! Everyone waited patiently to receive their award, awards were handed out for a number of different things like commitment, kindness, helpfulness, you name it! The Kids Bee Happy team are so great that we had to give an award to everyone!

We hope that everyone had a blast at the conference this year and we hope to see everyone again for the next one!