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Top 10% in September Month Sales

A big congratulations to everyone that made it in the Top 10% this month. If this is your first time being in the Top 10% then keep doing what you're doing and we hope to see you in next months! Katy Reed John Brennan Michelle Marlborough Stacey Brown Lucy Galloway...

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Enter to be Kids Bee Happy’s official representative at the Festival of Female Entrepreneurship

Are you interested in sitting in the room with some engaging and inspiring female business owners, and hearing how they started their businesses, and getting lots of tips and helpful advice? Would you like to hear from Journalists about how you can get free publicity...

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Sleeve Product sizes

This summer has been very exciting for us as we have re-manufactured all the Disney pictures into a the new style.  The big advantages of the new design is that not only do they have the lovely clear bold black outline so that the children can see the design and...

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Top 10% in July Month Sales

Congratulations to our top 10% sales people for the month of July.  July is a wonderful month, and definitely one of the best for either starting your business or getting your business back into gear, and its great to see in this list old and new names alike. ...

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Top 5% in Year to July 2018

And it's time to up date our top 5%, the people who have the top sales for the past 12 months - these are the people who are consistently active month on month, and we like to recognise and thank them for their continued efforts: Claire Rothwell Kate Fletcher Jennifer...

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