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Would you like to be at Glastonbury?

by | 26/06/2017 | Doing Business, Events, Kids Bee Happy Business Opportunities

Were you sitting home watching Glastonbury this weekend wishing that you could be there?

Well I was watching too, and knowing that in just a few weeks that would be me Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival – my favourite festival of the year.  I love it.  Before we had Kids bee Happy, festivals were in my “things i wished i’d done” list, I was always a bit sorry that i’d never done the festival thing in my youth and definitely felt that I had missed out.

And then we started Kids Bee Happy.  And then we found out that festival organisers not only wanted us to be at the festival, but would also pay us to be there too!  Even better!!

So every year, we pile the car high with all the sand art equipment, and all the camping equipment, (and my sneaky bottle of Gin).  And every year I find some friends who want to come with me as helpers, and we all disappear off to the festival.

And Yes, we live in Scotland, so sometimes it rains.  But we always have a really good time, whoever goes with us.  One of my all time best memories ever was dancing away to Texas, with my two girls asleep on a blow up sofa in the middle of the festival.

And then there was the year that my friend and I left all the kids at home with my hubby and we did the festival just the two of us – the Proclaimers and Kaiser Chiefs, and mums on the loose – it definitely was a riot.

We run the Sand Art workshop during the day, and then it’s bands all night long.

And then there are those extra special bits that the kids love – having a “PRODUCTION” wrist band to flash at the gates gives extra kudos,  personally, I love the fact that we get to park in the Production car park and campsite, all of which are right next to the main site.

Anyway, back to the the point.  If you were sitting there watching Glastonbury and feeling a little left out, then why don’t you join Kids Bee Happy and book yourself into some festivals – there are still plenty around for this year, get your wellies out and do something you’ve always wanted to do.  Go-on, you know you want to 😉