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Winter Incentive Update

by | 01/12/2017 | Doing Business

It’s so great to see how many people are taking part in our Winter Incentive, and I know that we’re going to have so many winning families.  And with still 3 whole months left of the incentive period we already have 3 winners,  2 others that are so, so, so very close, and 24 others who are already well over half way there.  So here is an update for you!

Over Half Way to Level 1 Prize!

Adele Emmerson-Ryan
Allison Greig
Christine Bennett
Christine Roberts
Cindy Reay McLean
Claire Rothwell
Clare Dervan
Elizabeth Maskell
Isla Duncan
Jennifer Kernan
Jody Goode
Judith Smurthwaite
Karly Sanderson
Kate Fletcher
Katie Dawes
Katy Reed
Lauren Samson
Louise Hawley
Lucy Galloway
Lyn Bunker
Madelaine Rowley
Martin Fearnley
Suzanne Wight
Tara Hopkins

So Close to Level 1 that you can almost touch it!

Karen Ord
Vicky Gregory

Already Achieved Level 1 and Marching onto Level 2!

Jennifer O’Hanlon
Louise Padmore
Michelle Munt