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When you join a Direct Sales company you really become a part of it, and it becomes a part of you.  So its important to know what the mission or purpose is of that company, and what its aims and objectives are.

Instead of the normal simple mission statement, at Kids Bee Happy we have a set of values that our actions and decisions must measure up to:

  • To create the highest quality products to be enjoyed by children and families together.
  • To promote inclusion and equality in play by creating products that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of gender, ability or disability, or age.
  • To Support our Independent Consultants to grow meaningful businesses that contribute not only financially but meaningfully to their family lives, their local communities and economies.
  • To balance the social and financial needs of our stakeholders, our customers, our consultants, our corporate customers, employees and suppliers, to ensure that everyone achieves maximum possible value.
  • To develop support and employer our consultants in their personal and business journeys.
  • To undertake our business in a manner that is ethical, respectful of its global environmental impact, human rights, equality and fairness.

So next time a potential team member asks you what KBH stands for, you’ll really be able to give them the full answer.