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Kidsbeehappy is changing our packaging to use less plastic

by | 21/03/2018 | Business News, KBH News, Kids Bee Happy Business Opportunities

Less Plastic Packaging

Like many other companies, Kids Bee Happy has been looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic that we use within our organisation, and the area that we are targeting next is packaging.  Both  the packaging and box-fill materials we use at present are plastic based, and it does mount up to quite a large quantity each year.

In conjunction with our local community, we have put together a new source of packaging that is a triple win in reducing lots of carbon footprints.   We have invested in a Cardboard Shredder which cross cuts used cardboard to produce a bendy, twisty, cushioned type packaging, that is not only great at space fill, but also very good at protecting the contents. This is because it is bendy, so we can literally squash it into every nook and cranny  – something the air fill wasn’t so good at.

Proper recycling

Kids Bee Happy will become a drop off point for used cardboard from people and business in the local community, reducing the quantity of cardboard going into recycling, and enabling it to be recycled properly, and importantly locally, rather than put on a boat and sent overseas.  This also reduces other local business costs – because bizarre as it may be, as a business it costs even more to dispose of cardboard for recycling than it does to throw it into the landfill (I never had understood that one).

And then lastly there is the advantage that the cardboard is compost-able at your end too, so even if you can’t use it for any other purpose (its great for insulation, and just think of the possibilities for all those school craft homework projects!) at least you can feed it to the worms.