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Top 5% for Year to June 2018

by | 01/07/2018 | Business Start Up, KBH News, Women in Business

And it’s time to up date our top 5%, the people who have the top sales for the past 12 months – these are the people who are consistently active month on month, and we like to recognise and thank them for their continued efforts:

  • Caroline Doran
  • Claire Rothwell
  • Dina Emmons
  • Emma Turney
  • Isla Duncan
  • Jennifer Kernan
  • Jennifer O’Hanlon
  • Judith Smurthwaite
  • Karen Ord
  • Kate Fletcher
  • Katy Reed
  • Lauren Samson
  • Lisa Champion
  • Louise Padmore
  • Lucy Galloway
  • Lyn Bunker
  • Maddi Rowley
  • Suzi Waddell
  • Vicky Gregory

And in this list we have 2 people who have EXACTLY the same amount of sales – to the penny!  Who would have thought that possible over the course of a year!  Congratulations to you all.