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The no-fail conversation about Sand Art

by | 23/05/2017 | Doing Business, Kids Bee Happy Business Opportunities, Leadership, Teambuilding

As you’ll know, Sand Art is one of the easiest products to introduce people to.  All you need is the one simple question:

“Have you seen Sand Art before?”

It’s the perfect question to ask anyone.  Its either a yes, and it’s good news, they already know and love sand art, or its a no, and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to give them a quick demonstration.

Its a No-Fail conversation starter, which is just what you need if its your first time out and about with your Sand Art.  And it’s a conversation starter that you’ll continue to use over and over again, because simply – it works.


Did you know………

That the same also works for team building conversations.

How?  You ask.  Well shhhhh, let me reveal the secret to you.

Did you know that when you talk to customers about Kids Bee Happy as a business then there are only 2 possible outcomes:

(1)  They’re interested, and want to find out more about starting a business and joining your team.


(2) It’s not right for them, but you’ve now created a Product Ambassador – A customer who already loves the product, and know they know a bit more about it, and that you can run it as a business.  And they might just tell their friends that.

And that’s it, that’s the only 2 possible outcomes.  Remember, if you’re at events you’re already speaking to people who have experienced and loved the product. Ta-Da!  No-Fail.

Many people shy away from Team Building conversations as they eat themselves up with the “what if”s, what if they don’t like it, what if they’re not interested in team building, what if I forget to include a vitally important piece of information – you know the type.

But if you KNEW that the conversation was No-Fail, if you knew that the worst it can do is create a better aware customer, then it’s not quite so scary – is it?

And you don’t need to worry about the detail, what to include or leave out, how to describe the bonus plan – non of that.  The best conversations are short quick conversations, and if you want some help on that check out our next blog post – How to team build in 60 seconds.