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So when is it Men’s Day?

by | 08/03/2018 | Uncategorized

Over the past few years International women’s day is gathering an increasing media profile, always triggering conversation and debate, and the inevitable question that if women want equality, why is there even a Women’s day – what about Men’s day?  (ps, there really is a men’s day, this year it’s November 19th).

These are always interesting conversations.  As a child of the seventies I am a founding member a generation of women who have spent their lives bashing glass ceilings, although it was our grandmothers and mother’s generation that fought and achieved equal rights in law, it’s been left to our generation to somehow take that legal right of equality and convert it into equality in everyday life. And as we’ve seen this year, with things like #MeToo, the Presidents Club, and the Gender Pay gap – we still have a way to go.

It is different for women, and its no concession to equality to admit that.  Although I am completely blessed to have the benefit of working with my husband, who very much believes in a joint and shared responsibility of family life, in the main, in the UK, the child and household aspects of life still very much fall onto the women’s plate.  How many Dads are the first emergency contact on the schools list?

For me, equality is about honesty without judgement.  And that cuts both ways.  So that women can take time off work without fanfare or debate to go and watch their child’s nativity play.  So that Men can take time off work to look after an ill child without raised eyebrows.

For many parents, full time 9-5 jobs really just don’t suit, for example the 9-5 itself is a myth, it in infact for most people its really a 7.45 – 6.30 day by the time the inevitable unpaid overtime, commuting, picking the kids up from after school club, and sitting in traffic is all taken into account.

And this is why Direct Sales ticks so many boxes for so many parents and it gives so many households the flexibility that they need in their family lives.  Although it is probably the most worn out cliche in direct sales, you really do have the ability to work the hours that suit you.  What’s that they say?  It’s a cliche because it’s true!

One of the best speakers I ever heard talking about equality was Kaye Adams, and it wasn’t part of a Keynote speech, it was actually the very last thing she said before she left the conference.  She told us she needed to leave early because she needed to pick her daughter up at 4pm.  And that she could tell us that, because she was in a room full of business women, and that if it was men she’d have to say instead that she had “another important meeting” to go to.

Obama managed to stop his day, everyday to be home at 6.30pm with his family for their evening meal, there is really no excuse for anyone else not to be able to do the same, male or female.

And that’s when we know that we have equality – when women and men can both simply stand up in a room full of people, in the middle of the afternoon, and say aloud that they need to go now to pick up their children, without pressure, fear of judgement, or guilt.  And that’s not equal rights for women, or men, that’s equal rights for families!

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