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“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

by | 11/06/2018 | KBH News, Kids Bee Happy Business Opportunities

Available at the End of June

We have an announcement to make 🙂

You will be delighted to hear, that after a very long journey, we have finally managed to get a redesign of the Disney Pictures.  The new style Disney sand art pictures will be different:

  • They will have bold black outlines so that everyone can see the design clearly  (Whoop, whoop, Yay!)
  • They will be regular A4 size!  (YAY! no more, “slightly bigger than A4” or A4+ type gubbins).
  • They will have white glossy backs, printed with the Disney logos.
  • And rounded corners too 🙂
  • And some new characters – Pooh Bear, Moana, and Minions.

So basically, the new Disney Pictures will be exactly the same as the 2018 Spring Season pictures.  It has been a long journey, and I am so pleased that we have finally go here, and I anticipate that these new pictures will do wonderful things for your business.

The pictures will be instock and available for dispatch right at the end of the month.  But we wanted to tell you this now, so that you can make your purchasing and buying decisions with full information that these new products are coming.  But because we want to let you know early and give you full information, you do have to understand that we don’t yet have a final firm delivery date.

Pre – orders will be available from 12th June.  Please DO NOT mix your orders, if you are making pre-orders please ensure that there is nothing else on that order form that you need before the end of the month.  Any orders with Disney pictures on them will be held and dispatched in once consignment at the end of the month.

Please do not book any events dependent upon Disney pictures until the Middle of July – that way if we do encounter any delivery delays nobody has any disappointed customers.

Meantime – what a great opportunity to revisit the Disney Training.