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Loving August!

by | 01/08/2017 | Business Skills, Doing Business, Events, Training

Well every year it comes along and every year it brings with it a whole bunch of surprise.    Because August is in the “summer” we expect it to be full of long beautiful summer days, and frequently it is – especially if you live in the southern half of Britain.  However, for those of us in other parts of the UK, August is always a mixed bag.  So, top 5 tips for loving August events –

  1. Have a gazebo – if its hot and sunny, you’ll need it to save yourself from the sunshine, if its not so hot and sunny then you’ll be one step ahead of the rest of the activities on the field, and the parents will flock to you when the showers come.
  2. If it is raining – then remember it will usually only rain for a short amount of time.  It’s not February, the weather moves fast in August, and so what’s wet one minute can be gorgeous sunshine the next.  Many of our top consultants will tell you that the best bit of the day is usually after that shower when other more fickle stall holders have packed up and gone home.  Plus the organisers will love you for ever – and that’s always a bonus.
  3. Talk to people – if you have a tent full of people hiding from a summer shower, then grab that opportunity to talk to them about Kids Bee Happy, about birthday parties, other event ideas, or team building.  Remember sales don’t always appear in the form of a picture, sometimes they come in the form of a birthday party booking from a nice friendly chat with a customer taking advantage of a chance to sit down.
  4. Remember the Sun Tan Lotion and Water – remember to take care of yourself too.
  5. Explore the floor – if its a great sunny day, then don’t try to squish everyone into your gazebo, why not grab a picnic blanket or a groundsheet, put the sand bottles and sand bowls out of the ground, and double the space you have available.

But remember, whatever you do – have fun!