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I have a motto that I live my life by, it’s a corrupted version of the US Army’s “Leave no Man Behind” – but mine was a bit more personal – “Leave No Biscuit Behind”.  (It came about from my mum, my sister and me all sharing a 10pack of Toffypops, and that inevitable decision on what to do with the last one – somehow everytime, we managed to take care of it, lol)  my motto has stood me well over the years, although, I can’t say the same for the Toffypops.

Anyway, back to business – It’s essential that in Kids Bee Happy we apply this level of duty and care to our event booking leads, because really, with all of the options available to us, an event organiser should never hear that we can’t attend their event.  And our motto is simply “Leave No Lead Behind”.

Even if your diary is jam packed, every day through to February next year, when someone asks if Kids Bee Happy can attend their event, your answer should always be Yes.  Here’s how:

  • If you are free and you are able to do the event then book it in your diary.  Please make sure that you get back to organisers quickly so that they are reassured that the event is booked.

If you are fully booked, then these are the other routes you should take:

1. If you are free and you are able to do the event then book it in your diary. Please make sure that you get back to organisers quickly so that they are reassured that the event is booked.

2. If you can’t do it, then tell the organiser that you are already fully booked, but you are sure that another consultant in the area will be available. Take all of the organiser’s details and tell them that they should hear directly from someone in the next 48hours. Give your Team Leader the details, the TL will publicise it in both your Team Group and the Team Leaders group as most teams have people from all over the UK in them.

3. If you think that you can do it, but if you can’t you know someone else that can, then tell the organiser that “Yes, someone can do this event for you, can I take your details and we’ll be back in 48 hours to confirm who”.

4. If no-one can do it – then offer a borrow box. If it’s a school then talk about the benefits of letting the older primary children being able to use it as part of their Enterprise projects and learning.

5. If they still don’t want to do that, then ask the organiser if there is someone who will already be at the event who could be interested in running it for you – and sign them up as a consultant.

6. If you have tried all the other options then there is a big red flag being waved at you – the fates are telling you that you need to build your team and recruit people.  And what better way to encourage people into your team by presenting them with a list of events that are already booked by you for them to attend.

Kids Bee Happy is all about the teams, and our consultants have one of the highest rates in the industry for sharing and passing on events, and this is something that is really essential for us all to maintain.  Ask yourself, how would you feel if there was an event organiser near you who wanted Kids Bee Happy Sand Art at their event, but that another consultant said that no-one was available because (a) their diary was full or (b) it was too far away for them to travel to.   Imagine your frustration in knowing that KBH, the event, your business and the other consultants own business would all have been better and stronger if the original consultant had only past the event details on.

Think of the event enquiries and booking leads as a soldier, or if you prefer, as a Toffypop – as a company, we need to take make sure that each and every lead finds a home and is never left behind.

So, next time you have an enquiry for a date that you are booked – just remember me and my Toffypops.