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Kids Bee Happy Top 5% September

by | 02/10/2017 | Awards, Leadership

It’s time to give recognition to those people who are consistently giving their all to Kids Bee Happy, and whose continue efforts over the past 12 months have put them into the top 5%.

Once again, its great to see that these winners include a mix of people who are team builders and a people who are just focused on their own Kids Bee Happy business.  Once again proving that unlike other direct sales company you can have a really good strong business without the need to teambuild.

Winners in Alphabetical Order:

  • Christine Bennett
  • Claire Rothwell
  • Clare Dervan
  • Debbie Todd
  • Jennifer O’Hanlon
  • Judith Smurthwaite
  • Katy Reed
  • Lauren Samson
  • Louise Hawley
  • Lyn Bunker
  • Michelle Warren
  • Shelley Brown
  • Suzi Waddell
  • Yvonne Johnson