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Kids Bee Happy Celebrates our Volunteers

by | 07/06/2018 | Balancing Family and Business, Featured

Volunteers Week

Today is International Volunteers Day and it is a day of nationwide parties and celebrations to pay a tribute to all those who take the time and effort to volunteer every day.
Volunteers Week is a big deal especially to Kids Bee Happy as we have many proud consultants that do some volunteering on the side, in fact many of our consultants united with Kids Bee Happy specifically to incorporate it into their volunteer work.  We spoke to a few consultants about their volunteer work and got an insight into all the various kinds.

Amy’s Story

Amy worked with The Blue Cross and Therapeutic Stables in Smarden, Kent, both of which are animal welfare charities. Although loving all animals her expertise is in horses as she has previously owned 3 and is considering adopting another.
The duties and responsibilities she carried out were; mucking out the stables, turning the horses out and bringing them in and holding them for the farrier/vet. She would often help out in the small animal department walking the dogs and socialising with the cats.
When we asked her the reason she started volunteering whether it was for the rewarding sense of accomplishment or just to get to play with some horses she responded, “a bit of both really…”.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa started her journey with Kids Bee Happy on 27th January 2017 but before that she volunteered for St. John ambulance services from 1996-2005.
During her time volunteering she would be involved with various events and fetes providing first aid and medical support for those who needed it. Her experience with events like that is what made her an ideal consultant for Kidsbeehappy.

Suzanne’s Story

A truly inspiring story comes from Suzanne as she tells us about the struggles of being a mother coping with anxiety depression and how she was saved by a charity called Fife Gingerbread, a charity that supports vulnerable parents and disadvantaged families.  Suzanne is a very busy mum, of 5 children,  and a few years ago she was in a bad place mentally and emotionally making her unable to leave the house.

Suzanne got involved with Fife Gingerbread who boosted her confidence straight away helped her move past her depression and anxiety by attending local groups to help her become a better person and parent.  After that Suzanne started volunteering with the charity, and in particular preparing meals for families that would otherwise often go without. Her new-found confidence in herself has pushed her to go above and beyond, leading her to start her own small charities with the help of other mums in the area.

Suzanne helped reinstated the Methilhill Gala (after it had been cancelled for the 3 years) and now also runs her very own after school club where she cooks and does arts & crafts with the children. Her husband has also started volunteering starting a cycling group where of course Suzanne provides snacks and helps as well.
Suzanne has 5 children, she volunteers, and she is a valued consultant at Kids Bee Happy because here we have such flexible working that even during her hectic schedule she is still able to get out there and put smiles on children’s faces.

It just goes to show that volunteering doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of time and the process is so rewarding. In many ways helping others and putting smiles on their faces is better than anything money can buy.