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Kids Bee Happy would like to give Special Recognition to the following consultants who were the Top 10% during the month of July 2017:

Position Name Upline Sponsor Team Leader
1 Claire Rothwell Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
2 Judith Smurthwaite Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
3 Caroline Doran Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
4 Debbie Todd Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
5 Lyn Bunker Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
6 Tanya Taylor Katy Reed Katy Reed
7 Michelle Warren Yvonne Johnson Michelle Warren
8 Lucy Bedford Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
9 Vicky Gregory Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
10 Louise Padmore Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
11 Jennifer O’Hanlon Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
12 Suzi Waddell Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
13 Adele Emmerson-Ryan Lynn Bramley Gem McCallum
14 Katy Reed Katy Reed Katy Reed
15 Lian Kingscott Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
16 Lynn Bramley Gem McCallum Gem McCallum
17 Lucy Galloway Tanya Taylor Katy Reed
18 Louise Maule Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
19 Alison Lafferty Sally Sutthery Maddi Rowley
20 Melissa Harrison Katy Reed Katy Reed
21 Kelly Norton-Noon Yvonne Johnson Yvonne Johnson
22 alison Taylor-Fellows Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
23 Yvonne Johnson Katy Reed Katy Reed
24 Suzanne Wight Louise Brammeld Caroline Thompson
25 Catrina White kelly Farndon Lauren Samson
26 Clare Dervan Louise Hawley Louise Hawley
27 Zoe Mercer Alison Taylor-Fellows Alison Fellows
28 Corine Wright Lucy Galloway Katy Reed
29 Victoria Robb Caroline Thompson Caroline Thompson
30 Jodi Clarke Melissa Harrison Katy Reed
31 Suzanne Kirkham Hannah Healy Louise Hawley
32 Charlotte Rone Michelle Warren Michelle Warren
33 Julie Thompson Debbie Todd Debbie Todd
34 Isla Duncan Louise Brammeld Caroline Thompson

A special mention is given to the following consultants who successfully achieved Top 10% during the first month of their business:  Lucy Galloway, Corine Wright, Jodi Clarke, Lian Kingscroft, Louise Padmore, and Isla Duncan.

Congratulations to all of you.

The Top 10% is a monthly recognition, its wonderful to see a mix of existing consultants and new consultants in this mix.