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July Newsletter

by | 01/07/2016 | KBH News, Uncategorized

I love the saying that “Amazing people don’t just happen” and no they don’t, they have to work at it and sometimes get things wrong until they get them right until they do in fact become Amazing.

Watching your achievements this month and the hurdles some of you have overcome this month has been inspiring and guess what…you are ALL truly AMAZING 🙂

We have had our best ever sales month thanks to your AMAZINGNESS, so let’s look at who did what.


Those of you who did over £150 to get your incentive please take a bow.


Michelle Warren, Kelly Shears, Elizabeth Maskell, Katie Parfrement, Siobhan Wilson, Debbie Cowell, Gemma Cameron, Lorraine Boyle, Jane Gregson, Karen Wilson, Jeanette Cartwright, Laura McIntyre, Zoe Reed, June Dorrian, Maddi Rowley, Kay Jackson, Jenny Lord, Stacey Smith, Yvonne Johnson, Clare Dervan, Christine Bennett, Sam Haynes, Louise Hawley, Lauren Samson, Katy Reed, Sandra Constantopoulos, Karen Hunt, Lyn Bunker, Julie Foster, Lyn Bramley, Christine Wilson, Jennifer O’ Hanlon, Cheryl Paterson, Jennifer Kernan, Karine Wake, Craig Wake, Nina Davidson, Claire Carter, Jenny Earle, Haley Rutherford, Cassie Mowat, Nicola Wilson, Bee Minstry, Karen Field, Claire Stokes, Elsie Humphries, Jemma Brown, Claire Rothwell, Susanne Searle, Melissa Burton, Caroline Thompson,

Jody Goode, Hannah Healey, Vikki Robb, Susan Kirkham, Betty Ship, Jim Fleming, Katie Keating, Charlotte Starford, Helen Drye, Alison Crawley,Debra Akhtar, Alana Exton, Sarah Clarke, Louise Brammeld, Kelly Farndon, Vanessa James, Caroline Thompson, Debbie Todd, Melanie Houghton and Cheryl Bryden 📣


Top Sales  🍾

Claire Rothwell

Vikki Robb

Michelle Warren


Top Recruiter  🍾

Gem McCallum

Christine Bennett

Katy Reed


Top Team Activity

Karine Wake  👏


Top Team Sales 🎉

Bee Awesome

Honey Beez

Sandy Supremes


Top Business Builder 🤗

Katy Reed

Lauren Samson

Yvonne Johnson


Fabulous results everyone, you deserve your time in the limelight 🙂


We had 3 new Business Builders this month 🍾

Yvonne Johnson, Christine Bennett and Clare Dervan

We also had 2 new Team leaders

Gem McCallum and Caroline Thompson

and 1 new Senior Team Leader

Sandra Constantopoulos


Did I mention that I think you are ALL AMAZING ?


Our featured Consultant of the month is Caroline Thompson, another AMAZING  KBH Consultant 🙂


Hi, I’m Caroline Thompson, I’m not one for talking about myself, but here goes. I live in Dunfermline in Fife, ancient capital of Scotland, birthplace of Charles I and burial place of King Robert the Bruce. I live with my wonderful husband George (his words), our youngest son Stewie and a crazy dog called Logan. I have just become a Team Leader and my current goals are to develop a strong team of consultants and continue to enjoy bringing the KBH Sand Art experience to numerous events throughout the summer and beyond. Read on for a sneak preview of my and my team’s future plans. But first, a little bit of history. My first brush with KBH Sand Art came when I stumbled across a Facebook post by Sandra Constantopoulos on a networking group. This set me on a mission to discover more. After watching numerous videos, extensive research and several chats with Sandra, I finally signed up in January 2016 and got and Easy start pack. I’ve always been interested in arts & crafts and have been attending events for several years selling either my own crafts or doing direct sales. This meant that I already had a good network of contacts and an understanding of the dynamics of the market stall/craft fair set up. I sat on the stock for a while and sold a little in the community shop where I volunteered, finally attending my first selling event in April, that was raising funds for a local dance school. I was blown away by the number of kids who were eager to try it out and the comments from their parents were all very positive. However, due to the limited space, I struggled to meet the demand but was asked to come back to their next event, which was much more successful as I had a better understanding of what to expect. As I said earlier, I’d done these kind of events before and was much more used to the occasional person browsing my stall, asking a few questions and maybe actually buying something from me. I wasn’t at all prepared for a queue on the first one, or the swarm at the second! This really is an experience that people want to get involved with and I don’t have to sell a thing, other than answering a few questions. I love my wee business, I learn and grow with every event. For anybody who has just joined or might be thinking about expanding, I’d say go for it. There is no product that simply sells itself. But KBH Sand Art isn’t just a product, it’s an experience; you have to get your presentation right, try different things and find out what works best for you. Different environments require different approaches. Be flexible and open to new ideas. Listen to your customers, every one of them is an artist and they know what they’re talking about. Work hard. But most of all, make it fun and have fun. Who knows what the future holds in store for us? But here’s a brief outline of where me and my team are hoping to go on our KBH Sand Art journey. I’ve always dreamed of running my own shop and I believe Sand Art will give me the means to do this in a relatively short time (besides, my wee craft room is bursting at the seams and I need more space). Most of my team (myself included) are very keen to do parties, weddings and other pre-paid events. We are also looking at supplying local businesses (who might need to keep kids occupied/entertained in the summer holidays).

Hope to see you down the road, or maybe at the conference in September!


Thanks for sharing Caroline and I’m sure you will have inspired others.


A little bit of Housekeeping for those of you who need stock over the next 2 weekends.

Because of rearranging in the warehouse your orders need to be in by 8am on Wednesday 6th  and 13th of July to guarantee delivery for the following weekends.  So, 8am 6th July for w/e  fri 8th and 8am 13th July for w/e Friday 15th

Sandra and family will also be on holiday during some of that period so if you need Business Cards and Banners ( and also the  picks /bags/etc all the small stuff which will help Jason) can you order this by next week as Sandra does all of the ordering for these so it will cause a delay if you order when she is away 🙂

I know you will understand the need  for working together and letting Sandra and family have a stress free holiday and be able to go away and not worry about us 🙂


So finally what is this month’s Incentive?


Because you really liked last months incentive we thought we would run another but give you the chance to earn even more pure profit :0


SO, 200 points will  gets you £20 of credit in August and put you in a great place for a new Conference Incentive in August. ( oops, hope I haven’t said too much)


Talking of Conference, you really need to get your tickets booked. If you haven’t been to a Conference before and you are serious about making your business work for you then the Conference will inspire you to be the best you can be. You will make  new friends that last a life time and it will be a wonderful opportunity to have the whole of KBH in the same place at the same time. We can’t wait to meet you all.


Have the best month ever


” Don’t wish your life was good. Don’t hope it will get better. Get up and make it AMAZING”